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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Who crashed the bus?

I started watching this show last season and fell for it really quickly. Thanks to E!'s Kristin Veitch, I loved it before it even began. You see, after she raved on and on about Alias, a show i love waaay too much, I realised Kristin and I have similar tastes in shows. So when she started plugging and hyping VM, I thought I should give it a chance. And guess what, I not only love it - but it's the only show that I absolutely must Tivo.

Anywhoo - I got off topic for a sec there. I'm back. so I love this show and this week's episode was awesome. I tend to think this EVERY WEEK but the "i am god" ep was especially good. Some storylines were introduced to try to explain who caused the bus crash that killed many of the highschool kids earlier this season. Everyone is speculating that Woody Goodman, the mayor of Neptune, had the kids killed. (The mayor is played by cutesy steve guttenberg from 3 men and a baby & police academy fame of the 80s. BTW - do we really need another police academy movie? ) Well, Veronica (Kristen Bell) has been trying to solve this mystery all season because she thought the crash was aimed for her but the episode showed she was just being vain. the song wasn't about her at all. There were other kids w/ issues big enough to warrant their deaths. For example

- There's a gay kid who was planning "the outing of all outings" which I'm convinced was Mayor Woody. Mainly because the week before, he was "touching" Logan Echolls (Veronica's ex-boyfriend) a bit to much. Other VM fans think the outing was for the asian science teacher but i'll come back to that. he plays an important role this season but i don't think it's the being gay part. At least, not just that.

- There's the poor girl named Bettina who was doing rich kid, Dick Casablancas just so she could get pregnant and sue him for money. However, Dick's stupidity causes me to think he couldn't plan this extravagant bus crash.

- There's also Beaver Casablancas (Dick's not-so-stupid younger brother). He's always been known as Dick's brother and never got any respect his smarts from friends or his father. He has anger and brains on his side to plan the crash and put the blame on Dick. He must know about Bettina being pregnant before dying which puts Dick in the hot seat while beaver is out being a happy little beaver. Pun intended.

- Then there's Woody Goodman who wants to incorporate his beloved town and lock out the riff raff (read: poor people). Explosives have been found in his hangar so he's an easy culprit. Also, don't forget he's gay-er than Jack on Will and Grace and wants to hide this fact from his family and the public. I say it's not him because it's just too easy. The killer is bound to be someone we don't expect.

- Then there's Aaron Echolls who was randomly re-introduced into the story this season. Not sure how he could have done it, or why, but he did it last season so he could be the killer again this season.

- Am i missing anyone? Oh, yeah - there's Mr. Casablancas. Beaver and Dick's dad who is away hiding because he's wanted by the govt. for fraud. He apparently bought insurance worth mucho dinero on his son's lives so they're worth more dead than alive.

Hmm. who could the killer be? Can't wait to find out.


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