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Thursday, April 13, 2006

So Long Leslie - ANTM

Last week, I knew Molly Sue was a goner when I saw her horrendous display of wierdness and boredom during the ad shoot. Don't get me wrong, I like her a lot and I thought she was one of four who "LOOKS" like a model this season. I mean, how on earth did Furonda make it to the ANTM loft? She so doesn't have the looks and body to be a top model. Anyway, I was sad last week when Molly was voted off but i at least saw it coming. It wasn't a hard decision for the judges to make.

Cut to this week, I thought Joanie and Jade were the only two girls who stood out as far as being awesome but the rest were equally aweful so I couldn't figure out who would be kicked off. As much as i detest Jade, I hoped she'd screw up again this week so she could be voted off the island. But even I have to say, the girl stepped up her game and kicked some butt w/ those twirls and swirls. BTW - what was up with those twirling/swirling twins? They were creepy in so many ways. Was it just me or could they not speak correctly? I couldn't really understand what they were saying.

Anyway - back to important topics. Or the original topic anyway. This week, the girls had to learn how to make their runway walks memorable so Tyra hired the wierd twirly/swirly twins to teach them how to show-off clothes on the runway by twirling. The two Js (Joanie and Jade in case you're wondering) decided to battle it out during the runway test at the church and I have to say, Joannie really looked like she might win. However, Jade wasn't about to be out-swirled so she did absolutely NO walking down the runway. Oh no, homegirl swirled the entire way down and back up again. Well, considering this was the lesson of the week, I really wasn't surprised to see her take the crown this week. I was just upset that she won diamonds and Joanie was left on the side-lines.

Well - since twirling is basically dancing in circles, this week's photo shoot was all about dancing. This meant the prettier Ms. Jay had to hire some street dancers to "crump" (definition: booty dancing really fast) around the girls during the shoot. I have to say, watching everyone try to dance was the highlight of the episode. Ms. Leslie said she had taken years of dance class so this shoot would be a slam dunk for her but ended up being the worst. No surprise that she was kicked off! I would have thought Brooke would be gone mainly because she's so boring, looked slutty and Maxim-y when "dancing" for her picture but the judges surprisingly loved her picture this week. Next to Joannie, she actucally got the best praise and most positive feedback from the judges. Oops, guess that means Brooke's staying. The only other person I wanted off was Furonda but the damn judges just love her and her pics. It's probably just cause she's so skinny.

Anyway, Joanie was awesome and hilarious as usual - I want her to win so bad.

I was voting for Nnenna for weeks but she kind of bugs me now. Not sure why exactly (and no it's not because of the whole phone thing going on w/ her and big lips Brooke. THAT I don't really care about.... it's not a real issue in my book). Her dance was a little confusing and restricted but she won everyone with her smile. The girl definitely knows what sells magazines and uses that to her advantage. I also liked Danielle's performance. Her dance got me to LOL as well but she got some nice pics. I just want her to stay longer because she's so silly, realistic and fair. She's also pretty and seems to really want this.

So there you go people, my top three models this season are JOANIE, DANIELLE and NNENNA. Molly Sue /Leslie would have made the fourth but they're both out now so I have to stick to three. Jade really needs to get kicked off ASAP. I want Joanie to really kick up her game (she's up there already so it won't be too hard for her) and show Jade that her 85 year old self needs to forget about modeling and realize that she doesn't have all the potential. I swear - if they show her in the confessional saying how she's the undiscovered supermodel one more time, I'm going to scream!!

Slightly dramatic I know but she's so annoying. I have to give the girls props for not kicking her ass because i'd have done that by now. I know violence isn't the answer but with her, it would be soooo rewarding. jade, if you ever read this, you should know you look like my grandma.

All in all, it was an entertaining episode. Looking forward to seeing what happens next week.


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