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Saturday, April 15, 2006

It Should Be All About Seth.

OK, so I've never liked Ryan on the O.C. - right from the beginning. I never thought he was cute, interesting or worth watching in any way. However, because he was a main character on the show with the guy I DO love (that would be Adam Brody in case you're wondering), I've learnt to just accept his presence and try to dis-allow his stupid storylines from annoying me more than necessary. Now, although I still love Adam, I hate watching the show because I feel like Ryan's stupid story lines have taken over. THIS is why the show is sucking so much right now. His ridiculous issues and Marisa's simply because she's linked to him.

Yes, I know he's the resident "bad boy" and I love me some Bad Boys ( I think the Colin Farrell screen savers on my cell phone and laptop will prove that i'm not kidding) but his devilish side is so fake and unconvincing. He's not even convincing as a brooder. That might be because he's such a bad actor but you know what, I can get over that. I think he should take lessons from Logan Echolls (on Veronica Mars) - Now that's someone worth watching. Hot boy!

So, everyone has been complaining about how different the show is compared to when it was introduced a couple of years ago and I have to say it's because of Ryan. My theory is this, if they would just get rid of him - everything would work itself out. Seth and Summer will get back together.... Marisa will get over herself because she won't have to think of Ryan anymore, and then all the old people on the show can just - actually, i don't care what they do. To me, the show is just Seth and Summer.

I know i'm babbling and I apologize but I just watched this week's episode (Tivo is a great thing) and it really grated my nerves and this blog is my vent outlet. Why is it that Ryan always has girls randomly fall for him without his having to say ONE WORD. I mean, the girl in New Mexico who made it her business to connect mother and son, what exactly was that whole thing about? She slept with him just because he's her co-worker's son? Or because he lives with a rich family? or because she heard/thought he was cute? (which he SOOO Isn't) That whole story line was so unnecessary and annoying, it distracted me from the fact that Summer and Seth got back together. rather briefly but still.

*Side note* - I can't believe Seth actually said he didn't love Summer anymore. So sad, I almost cried. Almost. I hope they get back in the next 5 episodes or however many episodes are left before the season ends.

Anyway, I know i'm asking a lot but can't the writers take him OUT of the whole equation? I mean, what about next year? They can't all go to the same college so why doesn't Seth meet a new guy friend that takes Ryan's place? Ryan can be written out of the story by being obligated to move in w/ Theresa to take care of his child. Come on...... do this for me and the millions of other girls out there I'm sure feel the same way.

BTW - my favorite line in this episode was Seth's statement that his "uncle went to Devry" when he was brainstorming ideas on how to hack into Brown's computer system to change his rejection letter. Gotta love that dry wit. Oh, and ANNA is coming back next week. Is it wrong that I prefer her on Entourage than the O.C. I want Seth with Summer. They just belong together and are soooooooo cute together. ANNA - leave them alone and go cut your hair. Like Halle Berry, long hair looks wrong on you.

All right, you can breathe now. I'm done venting. If you agree w/ my thoughts and feelings, let me know. If not, let me know anyway but don't be upset if I don't get you a birthday gift this year.


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