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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Family Outted Him

Ooh, so Vito is finally out and Meadow's poor fiancee can finally breathe again since the truth is out. I've felt bad for him ever since he caught Vito giving dude a BJ on the job site. Funny thing is while Vito's family was finding out about his extra-curricular activities, Andrew (on Desperate Housewives) was also being outted by his family.

I was going to do a quick recap on both shows and how similar they were tonight but someone feeling the same way beat me to it. Oh well, that saves me having to write my thoughts today.

Funniest Line on Sopranos tonight was Silvio's "in my line of business, I've known a lot of women and that woman there hasn't gotten laid in a year". haha.. hilarious. He said that to Tony after meeting with Vito's wife. Poor woman.

You know, someone referred to Vito's weight loss again this week and here's my question. How fat was he before this season that everyone thinks he has "lost weight"? I mean, the guy is still pretty far from skinny now. What with his heavy breathing and all.


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