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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Housewives Have a Gay Time

Tonight I realized that the only storylines I care about on Desperate Housewives are the VanDerKamp's and the Sollis'. I am actually interested to see how the whole Andrew vs Bree thing plays out now he's completely out of the closet.

This week, Andrew's grandparents (Bree's dad and her stepmom) stopped by to visit and save them from airing the family's dirty laundry in the courthouse. Yes, the courtdate for Andrew's emancipation was this week but in true TVland form, Andrew's grandad just happened to be close friends with the assigned judge. This basically meant grandpa was able to talk the judge into postponing the case for a few months to allow enough time for the family to solve the issues in-house. Ha! Like that's going to happen.

We got a little background of Bree's childhood tonite. Apparently, her mom died when she was very young and her evil stepmom (excellently played by Carol Burnett) never complimented Bree on anything she did well, especially her awesome cookies. I guess that's why Bree works so hard to please everyone around her. Anyway, Andrew convinced his grandparents to let him move in with them when they realized how extensively horrible the mother-son relationship was. But in typical manipulative Bree style, she got them to drop that idea by showing them Andrew's gay porn collection. I guess grandpa and grandma couldn't handle a gay grandson so they not only disinvited him from living with them, but they also took away his trustfund. Ooh, that gotta hurt! Too bad, he has to live with mom forever or until he's 18. Oh, and Bree got to meet & chat with his boyfriend. Maybe i'm a little dense but i didn't get how she wanted him to help. I liked the scene with her preparing food for Andrew and his boyfriend because it showed she could accept it. However, I suspect there was a motive there. What that is? I have no idea. I sense some more drama there and i can't wait to see what it is.

The Sollis family were also in court this week. Remember the baby they took home from the hospital last week? Well, they had to go explain that whole stealing thing. After the judge announced they stole the baby like 10 times, we found out the baby's real father is a high school student spring break-ing in fort lauderdale. Long story short, they get to keep the baby until the court gets a "real answer" from the dad. So the Sollises went home happy and content to be parents for a while longer except Gabrielle isn't so content. She's realizing how hard it is to be a mom and wants to hire someone to help w/ the motherly duties. Of course her loving husband says NO so she does the next best thing. She makes the asian girl stay up at night to take care of cute little Lily. Yes, the same housegirl that cooks up such a storm, Bree hides in shame. To show her appreciation, Gabi buys the girl a day pass to the local spa to relax and get spoiled. How nice of her right? well, the girl take her up on the offer the next day but forgot to tell Gabi she was leaving. Gabi ended up leaving to meet Bree for lunch thinking asian girl is home w/ the baby but Bree annouced she just saw asian girl at the spa. I have to say, I was really impressed with how fast Gabi drove to get home and confirm Lily was safe. She even turned down her husband's offer to take Lily off her hands. Awww..... I'm a little convinced that Gabi loves this baby.

Meanwhile, across the street, Paul Young was being tortured by Martha Huber's wierd teeth-gifting sister. Her funniest "prank" was having his house tented for termites while he was still sleeping. I literally laughed out loud when he & Zach came out in their pajamas to see the whole house was completely tented. That was just hilarious. Apparenly, she took it into her own hands to get Paul Young back for killing her sister and her plan involves annoying him to death. Oh, these characters crack me up.

People that DON'T crack me up anymore are the Hatchers and the Huffmans. Teri's story w/ her Ex-es and the newly introduced Trey McDougal from Sex and the City (Real name: Kyle MacLachlan) is just getting annoying now. The writers need to find figure out a way to make Teri's character more interesting because she gets more boring everytime. The whole Karl/Teri/Edie thing is blah... yes, we get it. He's still in love with her but she isn't because she's stuck between plumber boy, doctor boy and now Trey McDougal. whatever! make Karl move on so Teri can move on and you get to keep the 20 million viewers tempted to watch the ever fat Tony Soprano or the always skinny Pepper Dennis. We have options and we are not scared to watch them.

Same with Felicity Huffman's story line today. OK, parents have to explain where chidren come from eventually but why does it have to take up all of Felicity's screen time? and why in such a boring way? I miss the crazy antics between her and her not-cute husband. If the writers were smart, they'd work on that from here on out.

All in all, the episode was OK. Next to ABC's new dud "What About Brian", DH was excellent. I don't think WAB will last long but i give it credit for trying.
I loved seeing whatsherface from Felicity act psycho on the show though. However, I was a little disturbed that she was kicked him out of his own apartment . How wrong is that? Anyway, that's another show and topic altogether. I can't wait for Grey's to come back next week. I also can't wait to see what evil plan Bree has up her sleeve re: Andrew and his boy-toy.


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