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Monday, April 17, 2006

Veronica Mars' Hormonal Video

I just came across this video of our Neptune residents making out with each other to one of my favourite songs. Thought I'd share with everyone. I love how Melissa repeated the scene with Logan and Veronica several times - that was my fave scene last week. Great job Melissa.

Don't forget, Veronica Mars MOVED to Tuesdays at 9PM/ 8PM CT. Please please watch it TOMORROW NIGHT. I love Rebecca Romjin but it's embarassing that her new fluffy show actually BEAT VM last week. I mean - come on!!! Remember, The WB re-airs Pepper Dennis on Sundays after Reba or Charmed depending on your local listings. Watch VM tonight and Pepper on Sunday. Please??? With Cherries dipped in chocolate on top? Thanks much.


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