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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Finale Weeks In Review

First, I want to say "Yay me"! I got a promotion at work which means an office with a view, an assistant, more $$ and most importantly, much less primetime TV than before. I guess there's got to be a downside to everything. I actually had to hear about Marissa Cooper's death from rantings in the TV Guide blogs. Granted, I knew she was dying beforehand but i didn't get to see this fateful moment on TV. Damn! I definitely won't miss her next year......i just hope they don't find a La La land way of bringing her back to life.

So anyway, point is I missed a heck of a lot of TV and Tivo can take only so much. I actually had to pick the "most important" shows to Tivo and forced my roommate to unearth the VCR i knew we had somewhere so I can catch up on all recorded shows this weekend. Very hard decision when you have so many faves to pick from and its finale week. What made the list will be quickly "reviewed" today.

Grey's Anatomy
Wow. So Izzie completely lost her mind this week and fired herself from the hospital. I always heard the
saying "crazy in love" (Beyonce even sang about it convincingly) but i never really believed it was possible till i watched this 3hr episode. This girl not only lied to her boss about Denny's condition but she made all her "friends" join in the lie which meant they could also be fired. And all for Denny to die during the prom. Damn. Best finale ever. My favourite scenes were the Chief/Intern meetings prompting Meredith to confront the Chief about his affair with her mom, George losing a stare-down contest with him, Cristina crying for the first time on the show, Alex describing his love for football and CrIzzie (crazy and izzie merged together) annoucing she's so beautiful she can have anyone. Loved those scenes. Also loved hearing "the nazi" call them "her suck-ups" cause that's exactly what they are. I can't wait to see what happens next season. And I'm talking about the Izzie story not the stupid "who will she pick" ending they gave us. WHO CARES WHO SHE PICKS? Whatev.

Oh, and I also loved the scene where Alex comforted Izzie after Denny died. That skinny boy sure is strong.

Prison Break
Ok, I didn't love the finale. It didn't live up to the hype & buzz i've been getting from everywhere. Sure our favourite felons escaped the big, evil prison but it wasn't as exciting as i thought it'll be. My heart was beating as normally as it does when i drink tea in the morning. I didn't get any adrenaline pumping moments as I did during the season. The old guy died ... yeah, we were expecting that. The fat guy who didn't make it over the wall broke down and blabbed about who escaped... we were SO expecting that. The crazy guy and
wanna-be-black guy were both dumped halfway through the escape... we were definitely expecting that. Wierd T-Bag got his hand cut off and was left behind... ok, I wasn't expecting THAT but i knew they'd find a way to drop his dead weight somewhere. And finally, Dr. McHigh was found dead from a drug overdose in her apt... is she really dead? Doubt it.

Now, the original core group of escapees are on the run, literally, because Abruzzi's escape plane left them behind to fend for themselves. Oh, and stupid McDaft found the president's brothers house and decided to confront him herself w/out any backup. Has she not seen any scary or heightened drama movies before? DUMB. OH, and evil deputy president is now crowned POTUS (you 24 & West Wing fans know that means president of the united states). I guess this means the drama will be back next season while the "fugitives" are being chased from scenes of old prison escape movies. Can't wait.

Veronica Mars
The one show i couldn't wait till this weekend to watch. LOVED the finale. Thanks to the billion VM fans who calculated 1+1 = Beaver crashed the bus and explained their sensible reasons for this answer, I wasn't shocked to find out he did it. I was surprised however that he was psycho. Dude was eager to kill the mayor and every innocent person unfortunate enough to be on the plane with him. My heart stopped during that scene... I was sure Keith was dead. Damn that Shonda Rhimes. Oh wait, wrong show. Damn that Rob Thomas.

And poor Mac! Can you imagine being stuck in a hotel room without your clothes or any other material to cover yourself while kids from your school are partying downstairs? She'll need therapy next year. That is if they bring her back. I loved that Logan saved Ronnie causing them to fall in LoVe again. I hope it lasts this time. At least he's not a murder conspirator (made up term) like Duncan is. Can you believe he hired CW to kill Aaron Echolls? Yes, I'm happy his creepy ass, ugly self is won't be back on the show (god he's ugly. isn't he?) but i'm a little saddened by the fact that Duncan was behind it. It kind of darkens his story line should he ever be written into the show again. Plus, as Giles once said on Buffy, once you taste the power to take one's life, you get addicted to it and it becomes easier to do. Not a good thing.

Now, I have to know..... WHAT IS IN THE SUITCASE? I can't wait to find out. Thank You CW for bringing Veronica Mars back next season. People, please watch this fall so the show stays on AIR. I beg of you!!!

American Idol
OK, I usually don't Tivo this show. If i miss the "singing" episode, i figure i'll just catch up on who sang what
during the "results" episode. If I miss that too, well.... there are enough American idol websites to catch me up on what happened. However, after Daughtry was kicked off the island last week, I HAD to know who would be kicked off this week. I mean, I actually picked AI over ANTM. Crazy huh?!? I always assumed he and McPhee would make the final two. Now he's out, I was dying to know who would be out this week. And not just who, why this unfortunate person would be kicked off. I had to hear them sing their hearts out so when the person is kicked off, i can know just how crazy America is for voting him/her off.

Well, after Tuesday's sing off, I was NOT surprised to see the scary looking guy say bye on Wed. See ya Elliot, good luck w/ everything. If the soon to be dead WB didn't rerun ANTM on Tuesdays, I'd be really upset about my stupid Tivo decision. Especially after hearing Joanie didn't win. I have to see why. As much as i loved Danielle on the show, I can't imagine why Joanie didn't win. Actually, I just realized I AM upset because i could have tivo-ed House MD instead.
This week, ALIAS says goodbye for the last time. Series finale people. I'm so sad. I say we all send them off in style tomorrow. Everyone fan has to convince everyone they know to watch so they have top ratings. Desperate Housewives, House and American Idol are the other shows with finales this week. I have to say i'm most curious about DH because previews show Gabrielle saying "Carlos is dead". What?? If that's true, it's out of left field. Who would kill him? and why?


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