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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Guns and Sharks on Mars

First scene is the courtroom and we see ugly, creepy Aaron echolls lie so hard, his nose grew ten inches. OK, not quite but it seems like it's growing. After that, VM is at school trying to study hard to "ace. ACE!" her finals but Gia, Wallace and Weevil keep bugging her. I love how Weevil is trying so hard to change his ways. The boy really wants to graduate this year and needs Ron's help with algebra but she has no time. instead, she recommends beaver to teach him because Beaver needs help with his car - they can help each other.

Jackie announces she's not going to France yet because her dad is still in a mess and she
wants to see more of Wallace before leaving. Right after, maintenance guy Lucky starts shooting up a storm. He was fired and wanted to rant about stuff while calling out to his girl Gia (ew) then almost shoots Jackie when he saw her pull out her phone to call someone. Wallace saves her life by pushing him out of the way but he points his gun at Wallace and I almost start to cry cause i thought it was bye bye for my fave boy on VM. Great news, Lucky had blanks in his gun which means I lost a minute's breath for nothing. However, the security guard didn't know they were blanks and shoots Lucky dead. Wow, it's almost like the first five minutes of Alias... all that action before the credits even begin.

Mayor Woody is on TV talking bulls*&t about how he doesn't know why Lucky started shooting up the school. While watching w/ Veronica, papa Mars says he needs to get his hand on the threatening emails Woody received from Lucky when he was stalking him. They mutually decide that Veronica would download and copy the emails from Woody's server while studying at Gia's home that night. Meanwhile, Logan is reluctantly visiting his dad in jail. Apparently, Aaron wants his son to lie about what he saw on Aaron's sex tapes which Logan so stupidly destroyed earlier this season. But my boy refuses and says hell no, i'm not lying on the stand. Way to go man.

Anyway, Veronica gets a chance to download the emails where we find out what i've known all along. Woody is a pervert and he's been molesting young boys. Woody sees her just as she's downloading the incriminating evidence but being the smarty that she is, she's able to distract him long enough to get everything she needs and promptly leaves soon after. smart gir and Woody is very creepy. AND why is it always so dark in his
house? I mean, can't he afford to turn on a light switch once in a while. Anyway, Ron and her dad listen to the clips on the emails she downloaded and the boys' voices keep talking about the "sharks".

The next day, Veronica has to testify on stand against Aaron and it goes badly. The opposing council foun
d out about Veronica's STD from last week and uses the info to embarrass her. Meanwhile, that casino owner we met much earlier this season paid a visit to the judge because he "suddenly remembered" that Terrence cook was with him when the bus crashed so there's no way Terrence caused it. Hmm, what's that about? I thought Terrence owed him $$... why would he lie like that? Side note - Casino guy was also talking about sharks. I guess it's the running theme this week. In school, Mac takes over from Beaver with the Weevil tutoring cause Beaver sucks hard at this job. He can't teach to save his life. Of course, this helps bring those two love birds back together which just annoys Weevil because the boy just wants to learn. Seriously!

After watching the video clip of Woody's house, the Mars family quickly figure out that Lucky left bombs for Woody's family to find. Keith rushes to the Mayor's office and warns him to get his family out of the house ASAP. Anyway, this leads to a verbal showdown. Mayor W realizes that Veronica must have taken his emails last night and threatens Keith to keep quiet about the molestation or he would destroy the Mars. Oh yeah.. threats really scare Keith - the writers should have made Keith laugh at that. Not to far from there, Jackie finds her dad at home and is ecstatic cause that means her "old man is a free man". I was happy for them..... at least until we returned from the commercial break and casino guy shows up at their door. Personal calls from casino owners are always bad. Can you imagine opening your door to see Ed Deline ( James Caan) from NBC's Las Vegas there? A Corleone at your home not good and a scary thought. Well, we find out Terrence has to work for casino dude to make up for what he owes him.

Veronica proves she's a strong woman cause she actually went up to Logan and spoke to him. I swear, after last week's heartbreaking scene, i 'd avoid him like the plague but business is business. She asked him what he knew about Lucky and Woody and he was straightforward for once. I guess he feels bad for hurting her at his prom. He told her about a "semi-baseball thing that happened last summer". Lucky was wearing a catcher's mask while trying to bleach his foot in the locker room. Wierd scene. As this is going on at school, Keith is being badgered on the stand by the prosecution. The lawyer wanted to prove that Veronica lies by announcing several things she's done without her dad's knowledge. Poor Keith, i felt bad for him. The prosecutor riled him up so much, Keith grabbed him by the tie and threatened to break his fingers in front of the courtroom. OOh, that can't be good.

Anyway, good news after this bad scene is... back at home Veronica and Keith brainstorm what the catcher's mask had to do with anything and he remembers Lucky's stalking at woody's house. Remember the video Woody asked Keith to give back? yeah... that one. Veronica watches it closely and realizes not only is Woody's little league team also called "the sharks" but three of the kids once on the team died in the bus crash. Nice. I guess they're really pushing the Woody-caused-the-bus-crash angle.

At Woody's house, the cops find bombs and i guess this scares the mayor enough to leave town. Then we find out Jackie and her dad are back to their original relationship - COLD. After she announces her plan to stay in CA and leave for France during second semester, her dad pooh poohs the idea ASAP and sends her packing. At the cop station, the Mars family give sherriff McStupid proof that Woody has been harrassing kids and he caused the bus crash but he refuses to act on it right away. Instead, sherriff McStupid just smirks and we viewers are transported to Logan's testimony in court. Thankfully, he tells the truth about seeing his dad having sex on the tapes. I gotta say, i like me some Logan

Back at the police station, some woman and her two sons point fingers at Weevil's picture for Thumper's
disappearance. Aww, and he just found out he got a B on Algebra so he's definitely graduating. Dude can't get a break anywhere. Meanwhile, as if finals aren't enough of a reminder of the school year's end, Wallace goes all sentimental to Veronica. "It was worth getting taped to a lamppost" were his parting words. He's so sweet. Love him and hate that his heart was about to break. After cleaning out his locker, he stops by to take Jackie out but finds out she left for France already. Sad!

Veronica skips her final to attend Echoll's verdict in court. Oh oh...Me thinks she's going to summer school and then Hearst cause she just missed her last opportunity to win the Kane scholarship. And all for nothing. Aaron was found NOT GUILTY on all counts. Ooh, that hurts. My only question is why? How does he play into this season's mystery anyway? He has to have something to do with the bus crash. That's the only reason i can think of for their bringing him back and setting him free. Ugh, they just need to end his story... Hamlin is so fugly.


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