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Friday, April 21, 2006

ANTM: Why Models Cry

First, I want to say I'm all for making up words. I mean, it's fun to do and I love to see how creative people can be. But "cutthroatedness"? THAT just sounds so wrong. Right? I don't hate the word because drag queen Jade made it up. Yes I dislike her and want her kicked off but the word just makes her sound stupid. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, this is the same person that couldn't understand the basics of a game called questions. Argh, she really needs to go home. I'm fed up with her.

This week, it was all about the ugly side of modeling. The models in training were sent on a commercial "go-see". Some Janice look-alike actress was hired to be extremely mean and judgemental to the girls which was kind of funny to watch. She told Nnenna that she looked like a drag queen with a big stomach.
LOL. Miss Thang confessed to us viewers that she (Nnenna) thinks she's cute so the woman must have issues. OK! I know all the girls think they're beautiful or else they won't have auditioned for the show in the first place. However, her saying that kinda irritated me a little and turned me off her. I guess I'm
done with Nnenna.

Jade, the other person i don't like ended up winning the go-see test and she confessed to us it's becauase she can handle the "cutthroatedness" of the business. She chose Nnenna to enjoy the prize with her and loved ones were the prize. Jade cried when she saw her mom and Nnenna looked annoyed when she saw her boyfriend. I have to say, he is an ugly specimen - So NOT cute at all. Jade's mom's first duty after seeing her ugly daughter was to "fluff" her down. I have to say, when i heard her say that... i thought ew.. that sounds dirty. It was just the opposite. Her mom just cleansed
her aura like Phoebe Buffay did.

Another prize for ALL the girls was a visit to the dentist to perfect their smiles. My girl Joanie promptly started crying tears of joy because she knew she needed this and couldn't afford it. Awww. If only she knew she would be at the dentist for over 15 hours the first night and 6 the next day. Poor thing, I really felt for her. And how nice was my other favourite, Danielle, for staying with her till about 1am to hold her hand? Can there be two winners this year? After all the work, Joanie came out looking even more beautiful than before. yay, she can give an open smile now and really kick Jade's butt in the competition.

Now everyone's looking good, it's time to stop by for a quick lesson on how to handle the ugly side of Modeling. Who better to teach than Janice right? and Eva? why was Eva there for this lesson anyway? whatever, it was good to see her. After the lesson, it was time for their photo shoots as dolls and "being
natural" directed by our very own Tyra. All the girls (except Brooke and Sara)
seemed to do very well but of course my fave was Joanie. Even with all the pain she went through the night before, she was able to pull out all the stops and provide great shots for the photographer. Yay. she's definitely staying another week. I was worried her pain would make her fail. Another person that excelled was Furonda. What the F? It's like she's not listening to me. Babe, I don't want you to win. Stop doing so well.

Oh well, this week Tyra's frustration with Brooke was evident. She actually said to her "the doll shoot was the easiest " so I knew she was out. Hmm, not surprised at all. During deliberations two other girls got scolded by Tyra too. Jade cried pure crocodile tears. I mean, it's ridiculous how fake she was. Tyra and the other judges had to point out the fakeness to her and send her on her way. I think Tyra and the beautiful Nigel are both fed up with her. Nnenna also got some words because she didn't do anything during her doll shoot. Her excuse for failing at the shoot was "i've never owned a doll" and Tyra was not having it. She said, "even if you haven't owned one, you've at least seen one before. Don't use that as an excuse". LOVED it.

Anyway, the bottom two were Jade and Brooke and for a moment there, I hoped I was wrong about Brooke going home but McStupid was given the second chance Brooke has been getting for weeks. Oh... bye Brooke.
It's not that I didn't like you. It's all that you aren't a model and cry way too much. If you lived
in Chicago, I'm sure we could be buddies cause you seem nice but modeling is not the right career for you. Sorry babe. Good luck at being a nurse.

Next week, Sara has to prove herself because she's just so boring and forgetful. I forget about her all the time. And Danielle returns to the dentist to close her gap before they have to pose with fish.


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