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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ALIAS Is Back and So's Vaughn

How happy am I that Vaughn's back? So happy, I downed almost half a bottle of cough medicine without realizing it. Yes. My roommate had to point out the fact that I had already taken 5 cups of the s*&t when talking excitedly about the show. Oh, I love JJ Abrams. He's a god. Syd said she wants Vaughn on a beach and her dad handles it. whoa! Does this mean Syd knew he was alive this whole time? Or wait -- did she plan his "death"? I wish this was a soap opera so I won't have to wait a week to see what happens.

Gah, i don't know where to start on this episode and I'm a little delirious so forgive me if I drag on and on. Syd's still on the ship when this season premieres. We quickly find out that she's having problems with the pregnancy (she fainted while being held hostage) and prophecy5 (the kidnappers) saved her baby's life. Wierd! Why would they save the baby? Unless the baby is the chosen one a la two season's ago when Syd had to escape the CIA to cli
mb some mountain to show she wasn't the one Rambaldi had in mind as the chosen one. Hmm... I wonder.

While she's being held captive, she escapes for a brief moment and is able to send a distress call to her APO peeps. Marshall got the call but it was cut short because someone within the CIA had it deleted. The team infiltrates langley ( I feel less safe after watching this by the way) to find out more where we learn Weiss, my fave big guy, is an executive. Good for him. He saves their butts and they find out to have calls deleted, you have to have some sort of clearance that only 7 high executives have. Of course spy dad takes it into his hand to find out who with the help of Marshall. He calls an emergency meeting the next morning with these 7 so Marshall can figure out whose phone was used to call in the deleted and he does. It's the fat guy he shoots several times causing him to be taken into custody by the CIA. wow... he really loves his daughter. How could I have thougtht otherwise in season one? remember when he stood her up for dinner that one time? how things change.

Anyway, they figure out where Syd is, save her, take her to the hospital for a checkup and all's good for now. Then the real drama begins. See, the fat guy Jack shot is being transported to another hospital for some reason but gets killed after a planned accident by ..... Irina Derevko. She's with prophecy 5 and doesn't want him talking about "the horizon". After this, Syd tells her dad she was being poked and prodded for information on some mission called "leo 47 norte" that happened years ago. They take this as a clue and run with it.

Dixon and that french Patricia Arquette look-alike from last season torture some guy involved in the norte mission and he tells them they need to go to Vancouver to get the info. Well, not really torture... they tied him to the hood of their car and drive really fast in a parking garage. Best scene last night. Loved it. This leads to their next mission
with very pregnant Syd involved. what? she's about to pop - literally. why is she going when she's waddling? Dixon's words not mine.

Syd goes home to pack and finds her mom there. Long story short, Spy mom joins them on the trip to Vancouver to get this info for the horizon, but not before she tells whatshername from Angel where they're going and why. While in Vancouver, the Bristow's find out mom's on the bad side, they fight, Syd goes into labor, and while her dad is handling the other baddies, Irina helps to deliver the baby girl. I would saw Aww if I didn't want her dead so much. She takes the bag, calls Marshall to get diapers and help to the Bristow's asap while dad and daughter bask in new baby's glow. My thought is this... what did they use to cut off the umbilical cord in that office building?

OOh, most important scene. while Syd was "having the baby", she told her dad she wants Vaugn on a beach with her and the baby and he said "I'll handle it". THEN, we see some monks doing their monk thing and one goes to talk to another who turns out to be... wait for it... wait for it. VAUGN!!!!! I
almost lost it. I guess this isn't really news since I told you in the first line of the first paragraph. I still almost lost it. AWESOME episode. I absolutely love this show. I didn't see what happens next week so if you know, please share with me and I'll be your BFF.

Apart from Vaugn,
the show creator said all our old faves will be back and hopefully they don't die at the end of the series. By the way, Alias is now available on itunes.


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