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Friday, April 21, 2006

The O.C. : College Years

Aww, I remember visiting my college campus for the weekend as a highschool student to see what life would be all about. Man, that was 5 years ago and it seems like yesterday. Such fun. At least I was able to leave any teen drama I had at home and pretend to be a grown up for two days. Not quite the same with our fickled friends of the OC whose parents dropped them off at the airport.

Poor Seth! So determined is he to live out this lie of getting into Brown, he flew down there to meet with the admissions people in person. I guess he figured they'd be convinced of his potential after seeing his cute self. Only a sheltered highschool student would think that way. And while trying to hide his presence from Summer (another dumb thought), he runs into Anna. Oh Anna, I still think that long hair is too much for you. Tell your hairstylist to give you a shorter cut a la Veronica Mars circa early first season. You can rock THAT look. Do it and thank me later.

Anyway, Seth and Anna catch up really quickly and he confesses he didn't get in..... that's why he's here. So Anna who is still in love with him decides to make it her personal mission to get him in. He tags along to all the events lined up for the new freshmen and tells him who's who of admission so he can talk to them. While Seth was chatting with the head of admissions, Summer sees him. Oh oh. When she approached to find out what the hell was going on, she saw Anna holding Seth's arm and looked like someone used her as a punching bag. Ooh, I really felt bad for her then.

Meanwhile, on the Berkeley campus, Ryan was having fun feeling like a new person. He saw that he could
make new friends and live a drama free life away from the OC. That is until he saw Marisa and realized that she would be there with guys like his college assigned "buddy" hitting on her. THEN Seth's mom called to tell him she saw Theresa with a two year old boy that she thought could be her son. Oh, I guess his dream life for the weekend is over. Back home it is for him to find out if it's his. Too bad. I guess he can't live someone else's life quite yet. Turned out the kid wasn't his but it was nice to see a more confident Theresa. The other show she's on has made her a better actress. Good for her.

On the Brown campus, Seth strikes out with the admissions guy and decides to return home early but Anna won't have it. She decides that he is going to be within reach next year someway somehow so she has her mom fedex some application booklet for an art school near Brown. Interesting. Why is this the first we've heard of this school? Apparently, she has an in at the school so she's sure Seth will get in. So he applies and comes out smiling... I guess we find out next week that he's in. Anna takes him to the airport where Summer sees them again and is so taken aback, she can't move for what seemed like an eternity. I wanted to send her a giant bearhug but I don't know where she lives so I let that thought die.

They all return home to find things are exactlly the same. Marisa sneaks into Volchek's apt while he's sleeping to get her stuff but sees proof that he cared for her a little and decides to stay overnight. Ew. He's just so dirty, what the hell is she doing? Leave him alone and go home.


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