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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Logan Makes Veronica Cry

How sad was it to see Ron crying this week? I wanted to send her gifts from Radio shack to cheer her up. Damn LoVe... It can be sooooo heartbreaking.

Also heartbreaking was the beginning. Very first scene of the episode was Veronica finding out she has chlamydia. I had to rewind that to re-hear it because I was as shocked as she was. THen we see her dad saving mayor doubleface from an embarassing PR situation in a cheap motel room with some random slut we've never seen. Apparently she passed out from two much drinking or pills or something. Anyway, he takes her to the hospital so the mayor doesn't have to look bad for bringing in a whore.

In school, Mac is still pissed at Veronica for pimping her out to the principal's wierdo son. Mayor's daughter announces she's being stalked by a non-descript car(read: older car) and needs her help to find out who it is. And Wallace is showering his new girl with love as they make plans for the prom that was just cancelled by wierdo principal. BUT none of this applies to Veronica as she's on a mission. That mission is to find out who Duncan cheated on her with but Logan says he doesn't know that... he does know he's throwing an alternate prom and wants her there. Interesting! Maybe we'll witness some more LoVe action this week. Can't wait.

Ok, as Veronica is all about mysteries, she decides to focus on finding her "friend's" stalker who turns out to be none other than her cute ex-boyfriend deputy sherriff. Apparently, he was hired by Gia's father to be security detail. Hmm, why didn't he tell her? More importantly, why didn't he hire Veronica's dad to FIND the stalker? Wierd. Just another chapter in the Mayor- Woody -is-totally-guilty-of- something storyline. We only have two more episodes to discover what it is. After Veronica's dad tells her to stay away from this mystery cause it is a little dangerous, we find out that the stalker drives a red truck and is none other than the Neptune maintenance guy. Yes, the same one that interrupted Logan and Veronica's SUV makeout session. I guess that's why he was "introduced" to us some weeks ago which convinces me that the Asian teacher from two weeks ago fits into a mystery to be explained before the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Veronica's dad is being blashphemed in the news by Woody. See, the mayor announced that the ex-sherriff (who saved his butt the day before I might add) was seen dropping off some street walker at the hospital. Ooh, he's so shady, any pleasant memory of Woody in 3 men and a baby is completely erased now. So of course her dad calls the reporters to say he wasn't the one with her, he just took her in to the hospital. I mean, it's the truth... why should he be burned for helping someone out. This makes Gia mad at Ron because in rich CA teenage world, what your dad does is your fault. So, like Mac, she stops talking to Veronica.

This makes it hard for Ron to warn her that the Janitor which whom she's chatting with in school later that night is the stalker. Veronica calls her dad who ends up rescuing both of them from him armed with a knife. Keith knows once he hands the Janitor over to the sherriff, he won't be able to find out what's up with him and the Mayor so he handkuffs himself to stalker boy and throws the key down the drain. As Keith and stalker janitor boy bond in jail, all the highschoolers head over to Logan's for their alternate prom. I have to say, Logan cleans up well. The writers should find a reason to put him in a tux at least twice every season. Veronica looks pretty too and Logan not only notices this fact, he breathes hard to calm himself down. Hmm, at this point, i was more convinced there would be an awesome LoVe scene later. I'll come back to that after I end the Keith/Janitor jail scene.

Yeah, while moronic sherriff guy is trying to figure out how to break the handcuffs, Keith and the janitor spend some quality time together. Keith is just about to find out what Lucky has against the Mayor when Sherriff busts in and announces they found the handcuff key. Keith begs for some more time with the janitor but Meg's father just bailed him out of jail so he's gotta go. Ooh... what a twist. I was so not expecting that.

At the prom , Wallace and Jackie leave to handle their business in a hotel room he rented. Finally, some action for those two... they deserve it. Especially since she's leaving for France next week. Logan is also working to get some action from Veronica. He basically told her he'll miss her next year and wants to enjoy their time together. They should get back together and live life to the fullest this summer so they can live on their memories after they separate in college. He tried to kiss her but she ran off before he could. Aww... and she looked like she was into it too. I guess she decided to take things slower because she returned early the next morning to tell him so but she found out he was with sluttina Kendall. This leads to the aforementioned crying on Ron's part and Logan apologizing while looking guilty as hell. He also looked like he wanted to kick Kendall out and hug Veronica but she had learned her lesson - again - and was ready to move on more than ever. Sorry everyone, as hard as it is for me to say... those two are definitely NOT getting back together this season. I for one am very upset about that cause i think they belong together.

Next week we find out if Aaron Echolls is found guilty (please please let him be guilty) and Lucky decides to kill everyone at Neptune high with a gun.


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