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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Crazy Day in Prison

I really love this show. Where do I start? So Scofield continues to badger Haywire to remember the rest of the tattoo since he has a photographic memory. (Haywire was the crazy guy Scofield had to live with for a couple of days earlier this season while Sucre was in solitary confinement for pissing off the guard). Well, because Haywire has been taking drugs for his mental issues, he can't remember anything past a minute ago. He has no clue who Scofield is and acts like everything he says is Japanese or something. Of course our hero doesn't give up easily so he turned Haywire into a bulemic by sticking his fingers down his throat and watching him throw up some milk and the purple pills. ew!

As this is TV land, it takes Haywire only three vomit sessions to start recalling important details when we fans know it should take at least four. In addition to remembering the tattoo, he remembers who sent him to the crazy bin in the first place. He remembers not being happy with Scofield and offers him the tattoo drawings only if he lets him in on the escape plans. Scofield agrees to the plan and "tells" him everything. Except the truth that is. Haywire smells freedom and tries to follow the plan but gets caught because Scofield has spent too many months in prison and has no problem lying his ass off and screwing people in his way. What am I talking about? If my brother or sister was going through Lincoln's issues, I'd do the same thing. I think!

Anywhoo - now Scofield has the drawings he needs, he has to focus on getting out of the crazy bin. Wait, is it called the crazy bin for real or am I making that up? I can't remember what he said last week... the crazy shack? wacky bin? psycho ward? whatev, doesn't matter.... i'll just go w/ crazy bin. So, to get out, he tries to convince Dr. McHigh that he's doing much better and wants out. She tells him she can't do anything about it cause it's up to the guy whose fake taj mahal he's building. You see, she believes that if she lets him out, he'll be sent right back to solitary which drove him crazy in the first place. Soooo, he has to tell the warden who burnt him and why in order to get back to his old cell. And boy does he talk. He tells a tale of how whatshisface has been scamming $$ from the inmates for random things and manhandling them if they couldn't pay up. Of course, this makes dude rush to the accused guy's locker where lo and behold, he finds a roll of mucho dollars, random trinkets and a burnt uniform. Oops, he's fired. Buh Bye fat boy.

How did the burnt uniform end up in his locker you ask? Well, while crazy boy was puking his brains out in the bin, the rest of the gang were working hard to keep their hopes and dreams alive. First, with both Sucre and Scofield in solitary, their cell was open for bidders. Apparently, they had the "hot suite" coveted by all inmates and the fired guard knew this was a money maker. He sold the room to some random inmate who offered $250 for the room if they fix the toilet (remember, this is the gateway to their freedom so the gang can't have the guards and other staff fixing the gaping hole).

Of course T-Bag is standing right outside when this deal goes down and rushes to warn the rest. Mr. I'm-still-in-Iraq offered $500 to top the other guy and the guard accepted the offer. Now the only problem was finding the money cause none of them had that much on hand. Where's a damn ATM when you need one? Their decided upon solution is to have T-Bag play in the high stakes poker game with some scary looking guy we've never seen before. Apparently, T-bag is an excellent card player. So they play, he wins and they pay the guard. But right after he gets paid, he says the price just went up to $700. Sleazeball. Ugh, I can't stand him. I'm so glad they fired his ass.

Well, this means the boys lost the cell which means their escape plan will be discovered and they will all be in even bigger trouble. which leads me to these questions: They're already in prison so what's worse than that? If they get caught before trying to escape, what happens exactly? they need to calm down cause I doubt the trouble is as big as they think. However, before you know it, Scofield gets sleazeball fired and returns to his cell making all the drama that happened this week unnecessary. I guess he now shares the cell with the wierd old inmate that everyone thinks has millions on the outside, sweet for him. One less headache. The only other headache is the fact that the group escaping just added a not-so-thin member.

Sucre's fat cousin that provided the guards uniform a few weeks ago found out what was going on and is now officially one of the gang. He's also the one that put the burnt uniform in fired guy's stall. good for him, i guess he deserves to be on the team. I just hope he can run fast or else he'll be the one that dies at the end of the season.

While all this is going on, Lincoln's son (whose dumb ass was arrested last week) asks to see his dad and his request was granted. Not so wierd. Also, I got confirmation that what I've suspected all along is true. Nick, the guy helping Veronica, is definitely up to something shady. He went to a cell-phone store (didn't catch the brand so i guess no advertising in this episode) to get a charger for the phone they found on the dead guy in the well. While he's there, some guy comes up to him and says he needs to hold up his end of the bargain and watch Miss Veronica 24/7. WIERD!
Hmm, I wonder what that's about? I KNEW there was something up with him. No one quits their job to get chased around the country by government agents for nothing... no matter how cute you think the girl you're running with is. Then the episode ends with Lincoln being transported in a van with just ONE guard to see his son. VERY WIERD. why take him away and not bring the son to him? I guess we'll find out next week.

OOh, speaking of, next week looks GOoood. Scofield and Dr. McHigh make out and it looks steamy. The van Lincoln was in get's into a suspicious accident and he runs only to be hunted by agent Kravecki. But just as he's about to shoot him, someone stops him. Well, it IS Prison Break... there's gotta be a cliffhanger. We'll find out soon enough. Oh, and Abruzzi is back. Love it. I can't wait to see what conniving way he tries to kill T-Bag.

I have a feeling next week's episode will give me continuous flashbacks to Harrison Ford's 90s thriller but I don't care. The producers keep making my imagination go nuts with semi-nude shots of Wenty and THAT trumps plagiarism any day. *drool* That picture is Hotness defined.


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