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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Veronica Takes The Bullet

My first thought after watching this episode was, poor writers. They must have known they couldn't top last week's absolutely fab episode so they didn't bother trying. Instead, they went back to the season 1 style with Veronica and her dad working together. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I just thought this week's was so completely different from last week's.

So this week, we learn Kendall isn't even Kendall. She stole some not-as-cute girl's identity to hide the fact that
she did prison time. And for the Fitzpatrick's no less. how disappointing. and here I thought she was just a gold digger. To be linked to scum like Liam is sad and dis-heartening. She's dead to me now. And we finally figure out why she was in the bathroom weeks ago. Apparently Aaron Echolls sent her to steal some of Duncan's hair in order to point the murder his way. I hope he doesn't win the case, i can't stand to see his creepy face. Speaking of, they've started interviewing witnesses and Veronica didn't look very comfortable sitting at a table with lawyers.

Meanwhile, Woody's daughter made it a point to let Veronica know that the green car drove past her while she was on the phone with her dad. Hmm... I see something here but I'm not sure what. Woody was on or close to his phone around the time of the crash and his daughter just gave evidence that some other crew could have caused the crash. What if the person that caused the crash was IN the limo? Has anyone thought about this option yet? I mean they were close enough to see the bus approach the cliff, it is very possible. Who exactly was in the limo anyway?

In Neptune high school, Wallace still wants Jackie especially after she went straight (hair i.e.) and she gets a job w/ Ronnie at the Java hut. Mac loves Beaver so much, she listens in on his cell phone calls. Interesting. I wonder if this piece of info will come in handy as we solve this year's mystery. Weevil has a pet python he loves feeding rats and speaking baby-talk to. Veronica pimps her friend Mac to Butters just to get into the principal's office because he wisened up and changed the locks. What else? Oh, Weevil is so loyal to his friends, he gets incriminating evidence of the Fitzpatrick's lifestyle and uses this blackmail to buy back the PCHers' lives. They don't owe Liam anything anymore but he's still retired so they shouldn't bother him anymore.

I have to say, my heart stopped when I saw Liam point the gun at Ron's dad. Oh, how happy are we that Veronica stole the bullets when she saw the gun earlier. I love Enrico on this show, I don't want him to ever leave or get killed off. You hear that writers? Keep him forever or until the show ends. He's her rock and their banter is priceless. I mean, who else can she saw stuff like "There is no way you're working that hard. You heard me coming and turned off South Beach didn't you" to? The line stuck because it made me think... isn't that show cancelled? when did they shoot this episode anyway? I thought it was after SB was cancelled. Funniest line this week belongs to Mac: "Please respect the business model, Veronica. I do the gadgets, you do the actual espionage." I actually laughed hard without meaning to.


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