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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Can't Sleep? Call House

Who knew you could die from not sleeping? True story, I've stayed awake for 2 days straigt before but that was due to a stupid bet in college that made me $400 richer. I'm so glad I didn't know this three years ago or I'd have thought about it a little more. I guess my two days isn't quite the same as her ten days but hey, I can't be like everyone.

House was a little warm to his patients this week... it was a little surprising. He cared so much that this girl
couldn't sleep, he actually asked Cuddy for advice on an ethical issue. Wow! I was as shocked as she was. He also semi scolded his patient for being selfish and taking advantage of her partner who loved her so much, she was willing to give half of her liver. Although her reasons for sharing were a bit selfish too but that's another story I'll come back to.

Well, this episode was like others in the past. Someone comes in with one problem. The team tries to figure
what's wrong but can't figure it out immediately so they treat for one disease when it could very easily be another. House and Cuddy trade witty insults because he's doing something un-ethical (or about to) while his minions work into the night testing the patient for diseases. The only difference this week was that cameron and Epps were biting each other's heads off. Hmm, interesting.

Those two are usually such good friends. What could possibly have happened to cause friction between them? A bad sexual experience a la George of Grey's Anatomy? Nope, although I don't think that's too far off. I'm sure they're going to get hot and steamy soon. Their quarrel had to do with the fact that Foreman wrote an article that was published in some respected journal on a topic he "borrowed" from Cameron and she was none too pleased. Apparently, she made notes on some patients for House and he never signed off for Cameron to do something with it (because she never asked him) but Foreman did and so he got the prize. Whoo was she mad.

She was uuupset the whole episode until Foreman announced that he didn't care what she felt. He didn't owe her an apology because HE wrote the article and HE submitted it for publishing. She just sat around on her ass wondering when House was going to ask her out and THAT is her fault. Even Cuddy said she needs to stand up and get things done for herself. Since no-one seemed to be on her side, Cameron decided to take it out on the lesbian patients.

Yeah, our main patient who couldn't sleep needed a new liver and her partner offered hers. Cameron had a problem with this because she knew the insomniac was planning to leave her once she got better. Sleep deprived chick didn't care and her girlfriend couldn't be talked out of the surgery so Cameron just kept venting to anyone who would listen. She semi-tortured our friendly insomniac by pushing some intensil down her throat (sounds painful) when testing for something.

Anyway, a vent here, a yell there, a witty come back here and there, and we find out she's sick because she has the black plague. Wow, why did I think this was something that happens only in the bible? I have to say it's a gross looking disease. We also found out that the nice partner has known she was close to being dumped for months and offered her liver to guilt the insomniac into staying with her. "She can't leave me now" she said to Cameron's shocked expression. Gosh.. love is a hard thing.


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