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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Dance Off Begins

Wow, I'm very surprised at how good the swing prince was at hip hop. And not just hip hop, a booty-ass shaking routine by Shane Sparks.... and Shane's routines are hard as hell. Damn. Good job man. Of course Donyelle was awesome but that was expected. Great way to begin this season.
I love love Shane and i think he has the cutest smile and laugh. But damn, if i could snatch that hat off his head i would. I want to see what he looks like damn it. Maybe next week.

Another good surprise was Jason's athleticism. I mean, he danced his heart out with the contemporary routine. The girl he was with didn't quite stand out as much but she was able to keep up as best as she could. I guess that's good too. Unlike Ivan (whom I remember from the first audition round and loved) who just couldn't get the salsa thing down. I love love salsa and its hard to see it mucked up that badly. His partner was awesome at it though...i mean, her hips moved so fast i thought she'd hurt herself. I hope Ivan makes it another week and gets to show off his talents next week. Good luck my man.

Ok, the disco twins just didn't cut it for me. Or maybe its just the girl... she was bad. I was agreeing with teh judges until this pair came along. It was NOT a fun routine. i don't want Jaymz to go home cause i think he's cute and all but I think she needs to be off the island. She couldn't handle a disco routine? Come on... disco is the easiest dance to master.

Whoo, that paso doble was awesome. Much better than Nick's last year. I'm so sorry Nick... I still love you and it was great to see you at the start of the show. But this one was so much much better. Stanislav was born to do that dance. I am very impressed. Erin, did a good job following his lead and making him look good. I have to disagree w/ Nigel.. it was a great performance.

Oooh, who is this Dimitri guy. He's kinda cute. Wow, ok, their hip hop routine was a mess. Poor Shane, I'm sure he was upset to see his choreography done so completely badly. I'm not sure what went wrong exactly but it was just wrong. Nigel is right... It didn't feel like hip hop at all. I don't want Dimitri voted off but it was a whole mess. I think Mary is drunk or something cause why else would she think it was a hot routine. WHAT?? So not cool to lie to the public Mary. And the girl wasn't good either although she was admittedly better than Dimitri at the routine.

OK, who's this guy that's in love with Natalie. He needs to get over it. Heidi is an amazing dancer as far as i can remember and he needs to recognize. Well, it looks like they're both good dancers cause their vietnamese waltz was very well done. Ryan wasn't extremely smooth but Heidi did an amazing job as expected making Ryan look good (whom i've decided that i don't like).
Oh, its the girl with the annoying red hat. She's pretty! Why does she keep hiding that fact with that stupid hat. And her partner is Mr. big eyes a.k.a Ben. Oh, they're dancing to flashdance - i love this song. Thanks for bringing it back into my life Fox. Well, you can tell they're good dancers but they didn't have the chemistry needed. Its like they didn't click or something so it seemed a little over-rehearsed and over-causious. Nigel's right - it was juvenile. The sad thing is it looked like they did have the techniques but wow, the routine just didn't flow. I guess we'll see their solos tomorrow.

Travis is love. He makes me so happy. And this chick Martha, whom we don't know cause we weren't introduced to her during auditions, seems nice enough. I loved their routine cause it was just so gosh darn cute. I wanted to eat Travis up. They danced so well together. Loved it! I have to agree - they are the couple to beat. Not only are they both attractive but they both dance very well AND they have great chemistry together. I can't wait to see what they do next week.

I guess that means Natalie and Musa are partners. I'm not sure how that'll go but I suspect they'll be good together. The mambo is a hard dance - I'm scared to see how they do. Yeah, not well. It was like they were dancing to a song that wasnt playing. Natalie was awesome and her hips moved so so well. Musa did better than i thought he would but i think he has a lot of work to do. And they did have great chemistry but mambo is not their thing as a couple. I wish them luck in the voting tomorrow.

Wait, did she say timberland was performing tomorrow? Can't wait... I love him. Cat, please wear something much better and less ugly tomorrow. That dress you have on distracted me half the night and it's just not complementary. So who was your favourite pairing? I'm curious to know so leave a comment.


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