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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Summer Season

So summer is finally here and apart from the long awaited heat to cheer us windy city folks, we also have HBO's Entourage and Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. Ok, so maybe not everyone out there is a fan of SYTYCD like i am but dancing makes life worth it and i will be reviewing the show.

Honestly, the audition episodes sucked hard when compared to last year. I mean, we didn't get to see any
"real" dancing and before we knew it, the top 20 were picked. I mean, apart from Travis Wall, Musa and Donyelle (hate that spelling BTW), I'm not sure who i like enough to root for. OK, maybe the prince of swing and his cousin but I doubt he'll be on the show for that long since swing is his only skill.

Nigel, I know people have been giving you crap about being extremely rude this season but I've had your back. Thanks to American Idol, we know rude works and brings in the viewers. Viewers means more ratings. More ratings means another season and Another season mean more dancing. Soooo go ahead with the rudeness. I'm all for it. I can see the big picture. What i don't understand are your editing choices this season. I mean, we fans have not connected with any of the dancers this year which is very important since we fans get to vote on who to keep from week to week. I mean, last season we got to see the dancers in the studio during the second round of auditions. Remember the episode where the girl who "strained her leg muscles" did that crazy stretch dance across the room? Loved seeing that. Also loved seeing the dance offs during dance class. What the hell is going on with you this year? And the repeats? what the F? Those have just been annoying. Argh.

I guess it's too late to complain about missing the auditions this year since the real competition begins tonight. I'm just upset that there are no HOT guys to watch. Yes Musa is cute and Jaymz seems adorable but I was hoping for an Artem or a Blake this year. I guess I'll just have to focus on the dancing.


Was it just me or did the hype and non-ending buzz not live up to the premiere episode? I LOVE this show and have from the start. I've been looking so forward to the 3rd season premiere all year and i got more and more excited every time i heard how amazing the premiere was going to be. I have to say, I was very disappointed by the outcome. And it felt like it ended before the episode even began.

So Vince's big issue in this episode was finding a date for the red carpet premiere and he decided on his mom. Cute. The twist here was that she doesn't like to travel which is a problem since she's in NY and he's in L.A. This meant the gang had to figure out a way to change her mind and fast. Hmm... maybe i wasn't as moved as Shauna was (who's hugely pregnant BTW) during Vince's "heartfelt guilt trip" to make her get on the plane but i found that whole storyline boring. Eric ended up inviting his mom and Turtle's mom to the event just so Mrs. Chase would have support when traveling. Once again, cute. I'm still not really moved or interested though.

While this boring issue is being resolved, Turtle and Drama are up to their usual stupidity. They believe
Vince's big night is prime time for them to get a whole lotta girls so they give out the 50 tickets they have to girls they think are hot and might sleep with them. Ok, that's typical of them so i wasn't shocked here or there. Of course, once they've given away the last ticket, they meet two sluts who promise to screw their brains out if they give them tickets. Oops, what are they going to do now? They end up taking two from James Woods (who the hell is that guy?) and he's not pleased at all. He even makes a personal trip to their house to get them back.

Meanwhile, thanks to his being fired, Ari is so broke, he bounced a check at his kid's school. How embarrassing. During the only interesting story line in the episode, we find out he's been living off his wife's savings and trust fund. Understandably, she's pissed off about this and demands to know when he'll be earning $$ again. Ari has of course put all his eggs in Vince's basket and prays Aquaman ends up being the blockbuster everyone thinks it will be. Of course it will. Dude, James Cameron directed it. Come on Ari- i thought you were a top agent in LA.

Anyway, the episode got a C+ from me. Is that mean? OK, I'll give it a B -. HBO should thank Jeremy Piven for that upgrade cause it's his story line that bumped them up. I hope the season proves to be better than this.


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