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Friday, June 16, 2006

Stanislav Was Robbed

I can't believe they voted off Stanislav. And for not being like Artem? That's crazy! We all knew from the start that they weren't alike in any way. I mean, Artem's hot. Stan's not! Artem was sexy. Stan is so not! Artem had a flair about him. Stan... not quite so for him. Most importantly, Artem has stage presence. You want to watch him while he's dancing. Stan was kinda boring during his solos but damn if the boy didn't dance his ass off during that paso doble. Damn it America. WHY did you put him in the bottom three?

Ben and his Charlie Chaplin girl partner should have been in the bottom three instead. THEN, he would have been voted off. It just isnt fair. I'm so upset that he's gone. I thought he was a good dancer. And for all you haters that think Ivan should have been sent home instead... eat sht. You all know Ivan's a great dancer too. I'm glad he got to stay. GO IVAN!! Wow, Stan's gone. Ben better be next or i'll riot.

Erin, I didn't really get to know you so i don't care so much that u're gone. I hope the competition was everything it could be for you. Good luck in life. We might see you again someday. Maybe in a Britney video or something. Ciao


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