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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

GG's Lane Got Married

So Lane actually married that doofus last night. Wow, and here I thought she'd drag it out just a bit so she had enough time to change her mind. And with her mom and grandmom there? Nice. Good for her. Like Lorelai said (drunkenly but still), I'm really happy for her. Speaking of, how sad and funny was the scene with Lorelai saying she's not getting married on June 1st? I wanted to hug her.

Lane's had to have two weddings. A fake one for her grandma because her mom has been lying all these years. Apparently, her grandma thinks they're buddhists and not seventh day adventists or whatever they are.
Which makes me think, Lane's mom is a tad hypocritical. Why did she lose her mind when Lane came out as a normal American teen? what? She's been lying to her mom for so much longer. And Lane actually confessed it to her. Her mom should respect her for being so truthful since she can't be herself. Whatev!

Anyway, yes. Lane had a buddhist wedding and as soon as her grandmother left (after cursing out her mom in Korean), everyone rushed over to the church for the real wedding. Loved that scene. Then they partied late into the night after Lane's mom to wear earmuffs so she doesn't hear the wildness of the afterparty. Smartest thing she ever did. My only question is - where the hell is Lane's dad? I was hoping we'd see him give her away but nothing. Did they explain his non-appearance in an earlier season and I missed it? Is he dead? or did he leave the Kims? If you know, please tell me.

Meanwhile, Rory is still pissed at Logan for cheating so they aren't talking. See, he left for Mexico with his boys and their girlfriends decided to visit them but Rory said, "Hell nah. I'm going to see my friend get married. He can do whatever the hell he wants sans me." She didn't say it quite that way but you get my drift. She held onto her anger until the end of the episode when she leaves her mom's drunk side to rush to his side at l'hopital. He hurt himself while in Mexico and was being air-lifted to a hospital in NY. Hmm... seems like a far way to go if u're really hurt. Shouldn't he be lifted to a hospital in CA?

Lorelai is also mad at her man. He's still with April on the trip and she found out Rory met April before she did (thanks to Rory's picture-taking skills). She was also mad that she had to find a date to Lane's wedding and her first choice dumped her for front-row seats to Celine Dion's concert. Of course stand-by, sidekick addict Christopher (Rory's dad) went with her instead. I wonder how Luke takes this news. I guess that's the drama that happens in the finale.

Hmm, what else happened? I feel like I'm missing something. Um, Lane got married. Rory has semi-forgiven her man. Lorelai went home with Christopher. Yeah.. that's it. Seemed like more while I was watching.


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