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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rod Worked The Idols Last Night

I have to say, our top 7 did a suprisingly good job last night (Paris, Ace), some were even great ( the other four) and Katharine was Awesome. Wow! It was Rod Stewart's night to teach this budding idols and I have to say, he is definitely a good teacher. I never realized how many great songs he had.

I really wonder who gets voted off this week because everyone brought something to the table. I always love Katharine McPhee but she actually gave my skin chills last night. The last idol to do that was Kelly Clarkson when she sang the song that made her the reigning and most famous idol.

Then there's my fave baldie, Chris Daughtry (Ooh, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it).
How surprised was I to see him belt out a "soft" song almost correctly? I approve Chris, you definitely deserve to stay. You can go back to the rock-a-licious songs you love so much next week... I won't say anything.

And to round up my top 3, the ever wierdly cute Taylor Hicks. He made me believe that he's sang this song many times before. Go Taylor, you did a great job my man. He even found a way to incorporate his wierd dance into a slow-ish Rod song.
Props for that. You know Taylor, when I laugh while you're dancing, please know I'm laughing with you not at you.

If I was rounding up the top four, Elliot Yamin would take the 4th cup. Was it just me or did he look cuter than ever last night? What's that about? I guess they're fixing his teeth slowly or something so we don't notice it immediately. He chose a good song for his voice, as did the Pickle. I actually liked her last night and ignored her stupidity for the first time. First time I've disagreed with Simon but Kelly, you chose a good song. You should be proud of your performance last night.

Ace Young should also be extremely proud of his performance and definitely not his look. ew! what was the
sleeked hair? Yes, I'm one of the girls who drool for him at home - I admit it. How can we not? Have you seen him? I just want to tear off his shirt and do things to him. OOh. Um, where am I? I blacked out for a sec there. Oh yes, he sang well last night.

My bottom of the barrel is Paris. I think that name is a curse because everyone named Paris is just soooo annoying. Think about it. We have Hilton. Geller (on Gilmore Girls) and then this chick that thinks she's too damn cute for herself. Yeah babe, you're lying to yourself. Actually, you're as annoying as the first girl to get voted off (you know! the one that thought she was Simon's equal and deserved to be known. The Jade of AI if you will). I hope you go home tonight even though you did a passable job yesterday.

It seems like our idols are boosting sales when they sing certain songs and Music labels are taking notice.


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