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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bye Bye Joy

So.. Joy was sent packing last Thursday. I for one am very glad the judges did that. What i'm not so happy about was Jason getting the boot before Ryan. I mean, seriously... Jason is a MUCH better dancer than Ryan. Nigel, what were you looking at? Ugh. Jason, we love you. I hope we get to see you move again soon. All the best from your fans.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Best Dance Week Ever

I have to say, I really enjoyed all the performances last night. With the exception of Joy's of course. I have to agree with the judges, she is so not ready for this competition. I hope she says bye tonite.

So they kicked off the night with beautiful Travis and not so beautiful Martha with Krumping (if you can call that slow routine krumping). I've said it before, Travis is LOVE. I love this boy which is dangerous for me considering his age still has "teen" in it. I'm 24 so I really should be looking above and not below my age. The boy brought it tonight - making Martha look inexperienced next to him. Loved the performance but i saw it more as hip hop and not quite krumping.

Then they brought out pretty boy Jaymz and his partner Jessica to do the foxtrot. Poor boy was upset about the choice of dance cause they need the votes and the foxtrot isn't as entertaining to the public as say hip hop or latin ballroom. Anyway, they did a good job of balancing out each other. I think Jaymz is a good dancer and hope he goes farther than this week in the competition.

Next out was my boy Ivan and his partner Allison. I kinda like these two together, they have something that helps them dance well together and balance each other out. Not chemistry but something. Kinda like they're siblings or something. Whatever it is, it works well for them. They performed a sweet hip hop routine choreographed by two girls i've never heard of. I love Ivan cause he makes hip hop look easy and i know from experience it isnt. He does sick moves so slickly, people mistake it to be that he doesn't have the energy behind it. That's not it people. He just moves in a "humanly" fashion to the hip hop.

LOL, sorry, I had to go there. What the hell does humanly mean Mia? I mean, everyone dancing is human so all the moves are human. Mia, on behalf of the entire country, i beg of you to please stop describing dances and performances that way. It's annoying as hell and it makes absolutely no sense. Thanks.

Anyway, Ivan did a good job and Allison kept up with him. I hope America sees that and keeps them out of the bottom three. Instead, they should put Joy there. I guess that means Dimitri will be in the bottom three but i'm not worried about him. The boy can dance. Damn did he samba his butt off or what? The judges will keep him on cause he can dance AND he's sexy as hell. Is it just me or is Joy as annoying as hell? I can't wait to say bye to her.... she needs to GO. Who's with me? I'm sure Dimitri won't miss her - they had absolutely no chemistry. And it was the samba.... this dance is supposed to ooze sex appeal.

But you know who conquered this feat? Musa and Natalie. OK, these two must be knocking boots off stage. Everywhere they are, they ooze sex. Its contemporary for crying out loud. Chemistry is recommended but they went 500% past chemistry and burnt the stage w/ their heat when dancing. Natalie looks like a minx and you know Musa looks like he can handle business. I'm sure they're raunchy and dirty when doing the horizontal tango and dancing together. Good for them. It helped them dance oh so well together. Who knew Musa could move that way? I love them together oh so much.

Then after that awesome contemporary routine that spoke words to me and made me call my boyfriend during the break, they sent out Heidi and Ryan to do a pop routine to my favourite Kelly Clarkson song. Ryan really grates my nerves... I can't stand him. I mean joy is annoying but she's still watchable. Ryan really gets on my nerves so i was hoping they'd suck this week and he'd get kicked off. Boy am i glad they did. Heidi looked like she was trying too hard to be pop-y. I sorta liked her before cause i thought she was a good dancer (thanks to the routine she did with Benji during auditions. Killer routine) but after she thanked Mia for her harsh criticism, i decided to like her even more. I still hope they're in the bottom three but only cause i want Ryan sent home. Heidi won't have to worry cause Joy will be the girl to say Au Revoir.

The group i was so gung ho about going home last week but didn't even make the bottom three came on next. And wow, they were so so sooo much better this week. Ben and Ashlee performed the jive and killed it. Yes it was a simple routine with minimum lifts but they killed it. I'm not sure if they'll be in the bottom three this week but if they do, i'm sure they'll be back again next week. How hilarious was Shane's "I'm sorry. I didn't like that!" The guy hates jive and made it obvious to the world. It wasn't nice of him to pin his hatred for the dance on them but his reaction was just funny. I had to bring it up.

Next up was Alexandra and Jason. I'm still not sure how i feel about Alex but I love Jason. He's just so athletic. Remember last week's contemporary performance. WOW. He was amazing. Anyway, this week they performed old school hip hop choreographed by the same girls from earlier. It was funny to watch Alex try to "bounce" the performances the way old school hip hop was. Of course my boy Jason killed it again and i suspect he did it enough for hte two of them. It's not that she didn't do the moves correctly, it's just that she did all technique with no oomph to it. I hope she stays cause i want to see her do something awesome.

To round off the night, my fave couple came on. I love love Donyelle and after last week's booty shaking routine, I've grown to love Benji too. I think he has proven himself as a versatile performer. This week, they were given the Cha Cha to do and I worried about Donyelle pulling it off. Whoo... no need for me to worry cause man, they killed the routine together. With lots of chemistry nonetheless. Not quite the Natalie/Musa range of chemistry but enough to show they understand each other's bodies and enjoy moving each other across the dance floor. Good for them, they will be competing with Travis and Martha from henceforth. Although Martha isn't on the same level as Donyelle to me. But whatever, she dances well with Travis.

I enjoyed watching last night's episode so much. I hope they all bring it every week the way they did last night. I can't wait to see who get's voted off tonite. I say Joy and Ryan should go. Who do you want gone?

On another note, You Tube has been cracking down on copyright infringement so the clips above come courtesy of Rickey. Thanks Rickey.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Stanislav Was Robbed

I can't believe they voted off Stanislav. And for not being like Artem? That's crazy! We all knew from the start that they weren't alike in any way. I mean, Artem's hot. Stan's not! Artem was sexy. Stan is so not! Artem had a flair about him. Stan... not quite so for him. Most importantly, Artem has stage presence. You want to watch him while he's dancing. Stan was kinda boring during his solos but damn if the boy didn't dance his ass off during that paso doble. Damn it America. WHY did you put him in the bottom three?

Ben and his Charlie Chaplin girl partner should have been in the bottom three instead. THEN, he would have been voted off. It just isnt fair. I'm so upset that he's gone. I thought he was a good dancer. And for all you haters that think Ivan should have been sent home instead... eat sht. You all know Ivan's a great dancer too. I'm glad he got to stay. GO IVAN!! Wow, Stan's gone. Ben better be next or i'll riot.

Erin, I didn't really get to know you so i don't care so much that u're gone. I hope the competition was everything it could be for you. Good luck in life. We might see you again someday. Maybe in a Britney video or something. Ciao

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Dance Off Begins

Wow, I'm very surprised at how good the swing prince was at hip hop. And not just hip hop, a booty-ass shaking routine by Shane Sparks.... and Shane's routines are hard as hell. Damn. Good job man. Of course Donyelle was awesome but that was expected. Great way to begin this season.
I love love Shane and i think he has the cutest smile and laugh. But damn, if i could snatch that hat off his head i would. I want to see what he looks like damn it. Maybe next week.

Another good surprise was Jason's athleticism. I mean, he danced his heart out with the contemporary routine. The girl he was with didn't quite stand out as much but she was able to keep up as best as she could. I guess that's good too. Unlike Ivan (whom I remember from the first audition round and loved) who just couldn't get the salsa thing down. I love love salsa and its hard to see it mucked up that badly. His partner was awesome at it though...i mean, her hips moved so fast i thought she'd hurt herself. I hope Ivan makes it another week and gets to show off his talents next week. Good luck my man.

Ok, the disco twins just didn't cut it for me. Or maybe its just the girl... she was bad. I was agreeing with teh judges until this pair came along. It was NOT a fun routine. i don't want Jaymz to go home cause i think he's cute and all but I think she needs to be off the island. She couldn't handle a disco routine? Come on... disco is the easiest dance to master.

Whoo, that paso doble was awesome. Much better than Nick's last year. I'm so sorry Nick... I still love you and it was great to see you at the start of the show. But this one was so much much better. Stanislav was born to do that dance. I am very impressed. Erin, did a good job following his lead and making him look good. I have to disagree w/ Nigel.. it was a great performance.

Oooh, who is this Dimitri guy. He's kinda cute. Wow, ok, their hip hop routine was a mess. Poor Shane, I'm sure he was upset to see his choreography done so completely badly. I'm not sure what went wrong exactly but it was just wrong. Nigel is right... It didn't feel like hip hop at all. I don't want Dimitri voted off but it was a whole mess. I think Mary is drunk or something cause why else would she think it was a hot routine. WHAT?? So not cool to lie to the public Mary. And the girl wasn't good either although she was admittedly better than Dimitri at the routine.

OK, who's this guy that's in love with Natalie. He needs to get over it. Heidi is an amazing dancer as far as i can remember and he needs to recognize. Well, it looks like they're both good dancers cause their vietnamese waltz was very well done. Ryan wasn't extremely smooth but Heidi did an amazing job as expected making Ryan look good (whom i've decided that i don't like).
Oh, its the girl with the annoying red hat. She's pretty! Why does she keep hiding that fact with that stupid hat. And her partner is Mr. big eyes a.k.a Ben. Oh, they're dancing to flashdance - i love this song. Thanks for bringing it back into my life Fox. Well, you can tell they're good dancers but they didn't have the chemistry needed. Its like they didn't click or something so it seemed a little over-rehearsed and over-causious. Nigel's right - it was juvenile. The sad thing is it looked like they did have the techniques but wow, the routine just didn't flow. I guess we'll see their solos tomorrow.

Travis is love. He makes me so happy. And this chick Martha, whom we don't know cause we weren't introduced to her during auditions, seems nice enough. I loved their routine cause it was just so gosh darn cute. I wanted to eat Travis up. They danced so well together. Loved it! I have to agree - they are the couple to beat. Not only are they both attractive but they both dance very well AND they have great chemistry together. I can't wait to see what they do next week.

I guess that means Natalie and Musa are partners. I'm not sure how that'll go but I suspect they'll be good together. The mambo is a hard dance - I'm scared to see how they do. Yeah, not well. It was like they were dancing to a song that wasnt playing. Natalie was awesome and her hips moved so so well. Musa did better than i thought he would but i think he has a lot of work to do. And they did have great chemistry but mambo is not their thing as a couple. I wish them luck in the voting tomorrow.

Wait, did she say timberland was performing tomorrow? Can't wait... I love him. Cat, please wear something much better and less ugly tomorrow. That dress you have on distracted me half the night and it's just not complementary. So who was your favourite pairing? I'm curious to know so leave a comment.

Summer Season

So summer is finally here and apart from the long awaited heat to cheer us windy city folks, we also have HBO's Entourage and Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. Ok, so maybe not everyone out there is a fan of SYTYCD like i am but dancing makes life worth it and i will be reviewing the show.

Honestly, the audition episodes sucked hard when compared to last year. I mean, we didn't get to see any
"real" dancing and before we knew it, the top 20 were picked. I mean, apart from Travis Wall, Musa and Donyelle (hate that spelling BTW), I'm not sure who i like enough to root for. OK, maybe the prince of swing and his cousin but I doubt he'll be on the show for that long since swing is his only skill.

Nigel, I know people have been giving you crap about being extremely rude this season but I've had your back. Thanks to American Idol, we know rude works and brings in the viewers. Viewers means more ratings. More ratings means another season and Another season mean more dancing. Soooo go ahead with the rudeness. I'm all for it. I can see the big picture. What i don't understand are your editing choices this season. I mean, we fans have not connected with any of the dancers this year which is very important since we fans get to vote on who to keep from week to week. I mean, last season we got to see the dancers in the studio during the second round of auditions. Remember the episode where the girl who "strained her leg muscles" did that crazy stretch dance across the room? Loved seeing that. Also loved seeing the dance offs during dance class. What the hell is going on with you this year? And the repeats? what the F? Those have just been annoying. Argh.

I guess it's too late to complain about missing the auditions this year since the real competition begins tonight. I'm just upset that there are no HOT guys to watch. Yes Musa is cute and Jaymz seems adorable but I was hoping for an Artem or a Blake this year. I guess I'll just have to focus on the dancing.


Was it just me or did the hype and non-ending buzz not live up to the premiere episode? I LOVE this show and have from the start. I've been looking so forward to the 3rd season premiere all year and i got more and more excited every time i heard how amazing the premiere was going to be. I have to say, I was very disappointed by the outcome. And it felt like it ended before the episode even began.

So Vince's big issue in this episode was finding a date for the red carpet premiere and he decided on his mom. Cute. The twist here was that she doesn't like to travel which is a problem since she's in NY and he's in L.A. This meant the gang had to figure out a way to change her mind and fast. Hmm... maybe i wasn't as moved as Shauna was (who's hugely pregnant BTW) during Vince's "heartfelt guilt trip" to make her get on the plane but i found that whole storyline boring. Eric ended up inviting his mom and Turtle's mom to the event just so Mrs. Chase would have support when traveling. Once again, cute. I'm still not really moved or interested though.

While this boring issue is being resolved, Turtle and Drama are up to their usual stupidity. They believe
Vince's big night is prime time for them to get a whole lotta girls so they give out the 50 tickets they have to girls they think are hot and might sleep with them. Ok, that's typical of them so i wasn't shocked here or there. Of course, once they've given away the last ticket, they meet two sluts who promise to screw their brains out if they give them tickets. Oops, what are they going to do now? They end up taking two from James Woods (who the hell is that guy?) and he's not pleased at all. He even makes a personal trip to their house to get them back.

Meanwhile, thanks to his being fired, Ari is so broke, he bounced a check at his kid's school. How embarrassing. During the only interesting story line in the episode, we find out he's been living off his wife's savings and trust fund. Understandably, she's pissed off about this and demands to know when he'll be earning $$ again. Ari has of course put all his eggs in Vince's basket and prays Aquaman ends up being the blockbuster everyone thinks it will be. Of course it will. Dude, James Cameron directed it. Come on Ari- i thought you were a top agent in LA.

Anyway, the episode got a C+ from me. Is that mean? OK, I'll give it a B -. HBO should thank Jeremy Piven for that upgrade cause it's his story line that bumped them up. I hope the season proves to be better than this.