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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Crazy Week

To those who read my blog, i apologize for the lack of recaps last week. In my defense, work was extremely intense which allowed absolutely NO time to watch my shows (*tear*) and share my thoughts. Once again, I have to thank the gods that invented TIVO cause i'll be able to catch up on everything today and blog my brains out tonite. So stay tuned.......

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Logan Makes Veronica Cry

How sad was it to see Ron crying this week? I wanted to send her gifts from Radio shack to cheer her up. Damn LoVe... It can be sooooo heartbreaking.

Also heartbreaking was the beginning. Very first scene of the episode was Veronica finding out she has chlamydia. I had to rewind that to re-hear it because I was as shocked as she was. THen we see her dad saving mayor doubleface from an embarassing PR situation in a cheap motel room with some random slut we've never seen. Apparently she passed out from two much drinking or pills or something. Anyway, he takes her to the hospital so the mayor doesn't have to look bad for bringing in a whore.

In school, Mac is still pissed at Veronica for pimping her out to the principal's wierdo son. Mayor's daughter announces she's being stalked by a non-descript car(read: older car) and needs her help to find out who it is. And Wallace is showering his new girl with love as they make plans for the prom that was just cancelled by wierdo principal. BUT none of this applies to Veronica as she's on a mission. That mission is to find out who Duncan cheated on her with but Logan says he doesn't know that... he does know he's throwing an alternate prom and wants her there. Interesting! Maybe we'll witness some more LoVe action this week. Can't wait.

Ok, as Veronica is all about mysteries, she decides to focus on finding her "friend's" stalker who turns out to be none other than her cute ex-boyfriend deputy sherriff. Apparently, he was hired by Gia's father to be security detail. Hmm, why didn't he tell her? More importantly, why didn't he hire Veronica's dad to FIND the stalker? Wierd. Just another chapter in the Mayor- Woody -is-totally-guilty-of- something storyline. We only have two more episodes to discover what it is. After Veronica's dad tells her to stay away from this mystery cause it is a little dangerous, we find out that the stalker drives a red truck and is none other than the Neptune maintenance guy. Yes, the same one that interrupted Logan and Veronica's SUV makeout session. I guess that's why he was "introduced" to us some weeks ago which convinces me that the Asian teacher from two weeks ago fits into a mystery to be explained before the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Veronica's dad is being blashphemed in the news by Woody. See, the mayor announced that the ex-sherriff (who saved his butt the day before I might add) was seen dropping off some street walker at the hospital. Ooh, he's so shady, any pleasant memory of Woody in 3 men and a baby is completely erased now. So of course her dad calls the reporters to say he wasn't the one with her, he just took her in to the hospital. I mean, it's the truth... why should he be burned for helping someone out. This makes Gia mad at Ron because in rich CA teenage world, what your dad does is your fault. So, like Mac, she stops talking to Veronica.

This makes it hard for Ron to warn her that the Janitor which whom she's chatting with in school later that night is the stalker. Veronica calls her dad who ends up rescuing both of them from him armed with a knife. Keith knows once he hands the Janitor over to the sherriff, he won't be able to find out what's up with him and the Mayor so he handkuffs himself to stalker boy and throws the key down the drain. As Keith and stalker janitor boy bond in jail, all the highschoolers head over to Logan's for their alternate prom. I have to say, Logan cleans up well. The writers should find a reason to put him in a tux at least twice every season. Veronica looks pretty too and Logan not only notices this fact, he breathes hard to calm himself down. Hmm, at this point, i was more convinced there would be an awesome LoVe scene later. I'll come back to that after I end the Keith/Janitor jail scene.

Yeah, while moronic sherriff guy is trying to figure out how to break the handcuffs, Keith and the janitor spend some quality time together. Keith is just about to find out what Lucky has against the Mayor when Sherriff busts in and announces they found the handcuff key. Keith begs for some more time with the janitor but Meg's father just bailed him out of jail so he's gotta go. Ooh... what a twist. I was so not expecting that.

At the prom , Wallace and Jackie leave to handle their business in a hotel room he rented. Finally, some action for those two... they deserve it. Especially since she's leaving for France next week. Logan is also working to get some action from Veronica. He basically told her he'll miss her next year and wants to enjoy their time together. They should get back together and live life to the fullest this summer so they can live on their memories after they separate in college. He tried to kiss her but she ran off before he could. Aww... and she looked like she was into it too. I guess she decided to take things slower because she returned early the next morning to tell him so but she found out he was with sluttina Kendall. This leads to the aforementioned crying on Ron's part and Logan apologizing while looking guilty as hell. He also looked like he wanted to kick Kendall out and hug Veronica but she had learned her lesson - again - and was ready to move on more than ever. Sorry everyone, as hard as it is for me to say... those two are definitely NOT getting back together this season. I for one am very upset about that cause i think they belong together.

Next week we find out if Aaron Echolls is found guilty (please please let him be guilty) and Lucky decides to kill everyone at Neptune high with a gun.

Friday, April 21, 2006

ANTM: Why Models Cry

First, I want to say I'm all for making up words. I mean, it's fun to do and I love to see how creative people can be. But "cutthroatedness"? THAT just sounds so wrong. Right? I don't hate the word because drag queen Jade made it up. Yes I dislike her and want her kicked off but the word just makes her sound stupid. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, this is the same person that couldn't understand the basics of a game called questions. Argh, she really needs to go home. I'm fed up with her.

This week, it was all about the ugly side of modeling. The models in training were sent on a commercial "go-see". Some Janice look-alike actress was hired to be extremely mean and judgemental to the girls which was kind of funny to watch. She told Nnenna that she looked like a drag queen with a big stomach.
LOL. Miss Thang confessed to us viewers that she (Nnenna) thinks she's cute so the woman must have issues. OK! I know all the girls think they're beautiful or else they won't have auditioned for the show in the first place. However, her saying that kinda irritated me a little and turned me off her. I guess I'm
done with Nnenna.

Jade, the other person i don't like ended up winning the go-see test and she confessed to us it's becauase she can handle the "cutthroatedness" of the business. She chose Nnenna to enjoy the prize with her and loved ones were the prize. Jade cried when she saw her mom and Nnenna looked annoyed when she saw her boyfriend. I have to say, he is an ugly specimen - So NOT cute at all. Jade's mom's first duty after seeing her ugly daughter was to "fluff" her down. I have to say, when i heard her say that... i thought ew.. that sounds dirty. It was just the opposite. Her mom just cleansed
her aura like Phoebe Buffay did.

Another prize for ALL the girls was a visit to the dentist to perfect their smiles. My girl Joanie promptly started crying tears of joy because she knew she needed this and couldn't afford it. Awww. If only she knew she would be at the dentist for over 15 hours the first night and 6 the next day. Poor thing, I really felt for her. And how nice was my other favourite, Danielle, for staying with her till about 1am to hold her hand? Can there be two winners this year? After all the work, Joanie came out looking even more beautiful than before. yay, she can give an open smile now and really kick Jade's butt in the competition.

Now everyone's looking good, it's time to stop by for a quick lesson on how to handle the ugly side of Modeling. Who better to teach than Janice right? and Eva? why was Eva there for this lesson anyway? whatever, it was good to see her. After the lesson, it was time for their photo shoots as dolls and "being
natural" directed by our very own Tyra. All the girls (except Brooke and Sara)
seemed to do very well but of course my fave was Joanie. Even with all the pain she went through the night before, she was able to pull out all the stops and provide great shots for the photographer. Yay. she's definitely staying another week. I was worried her pain would make her fail. Another person that excelled was Furonda. What the F? It's like she's not listening to me. Babe, I don't want you to win. Stop doing so well.

Oh well, this week Tyra's frustration with Brooke was evident. She actually said to her "the doll shoot was the easiest " so I knew she was out. Hmm, not surprised at all. During deliberations two other girls got scolded by Tyra too. Jade cried pure crocodile tears. I mean, it's ridiculous how fake she was. Tyra and the other judges had to point out the fakeness to her and send her on her way. I think Tyra and the beautiful Nigel are both fed up with her. Nnenna also got some words because she didn't do anything during her doll shoot. Her excuse for failing at the shoot was "i've never owned a doll" and Tyra was not having it. She said, "even if you haven't owned one, you've at least seen one before. Don't use that as an excuse". LOVED it.

Anyway, the bottom two were Jade and Brooke and for a moment there, I hoped I was wrong about Brooke going home but McStupid was given the second chance Brooke has been getting for weeks. Oh... bye Brooke.
It's not that I didn't like you. It's all that you aren't a model and cry way too much. If you lived
in Chicago, I'm sure we could be buddies cause you seem nice but modeling is not the right career for you. Sorry babe. Good luck at being a nurse.

Next week, Sara has to prove herself because she's just so boring and forgetful. I forget about her all the time. And Danielle returns to the dentist to close her gap before they have to pose with fish.

Braff Scrubs on

Fun News: Great news all you Scrubs fans, it looks like NBC hasn't quite given up on their funniest show yet. M. Ausiello just reported it's return for a sixth season.

Funny News: I came across this article and had to share with everyone. Janice Dickingson and Shannon Doherty both have new shows starting this summer.

Random News: I watched an old episode of friends today and recognized Hugh Laurie a.k.a Dr. House in it. Remember when Rachel flew to England to tell Ross she loved him before his wedding? Well, House was the British guy on the plane that called her a horrible person. I have to say, it's wierd to hear his british accent. Just needed to share that info... not sure why.

The O.C. : College Years

Aww, I remember visiting my college campus for the weekend as a highschool student to see what life would be all about. Man, that was 5 years ago and it seems like yesterday. Such fun. At least I was able to leave any teen drama I had at home and pretend to be a grown up for two days. Not quite the same with our fickled friends of the OC whose parents dropped them off at the airport.

Poor Seth! So determined is he to live out this lie of getting into Brown, he flew down there to meet with the admissions people in person. I guess he figured they'd be convinced of his potential after seeing his cute self. Only a sheltered highschool student would think that way. And while trying to hide his presence from Summer (another dumb thought), he runs into Anna. Oh Anna, I still think that long hair is too much for you. Tell your hairstylist to give you a shorter cut a la Veronica Mars circa early first season. You can rock THAT look. Do it and thank me later.

Anyway, Seth and Anna catch up really quickly and he confesses he didn't get in..... that's why he's here. So Anna who is still in love with him decides to make it her personal mission to get him in. He tags along to all the events lined up for the new freshmen and tells him who's who of admission so he can talk to them. While Seth was chatting with the head of admissions, Summer sees him. Oh oh. When she approached to find out what the hell was going on, she saw Anna holding Seth's arm and looked like someone used her as a punching bag. Ooh, I really felt bad for her then.

Meanwhile, on the Berkeley campus, Ryan was having fun feeling like a new person. He saw that he could
make new friends and live a drama free life away from the OC. That is until he saw Marisa and realized that she would be there with guys like his college assigned "buddy" hitting on her. THEN Seth's mom called to tell him she saw Theresa with a two year old boy that she thought could be her son. Oh, I guess his dream life for the weekend is over. Back home it is for him to find out if it's his. Too bad. I guess he can't live someone else's life quite yet. Turned out the kid wasn't his but it was nice to see a more confident Theresa. The other show she's on has made her a better actress. Good for her.

On the Brown campus, Seth strikes out with the admissions guy and decides to return home early but Anna won't have it. She decides that he is going to be within reach next year someway somehow so she has her mom fedex some application booklet for an art school near Brown. Interesting. Why is this the first we've heard of this school? Apparently, she has an in at the school so she's sure Seth will get in. So he applies and comes out smiling... I guess we find out next week that he's in. Anna takes him to the airport where Summer sees them again and is so taken aback, she can't move for what seemed like an eternity. I wanted to send her a giant bearhug but I don't know where she lives so I let that thought die.

They all return home to find things are exactlly the same. Marisa sneaks into Volchek's apt while he's sleeping to get her stuff but sees proof that he cared for her a little and decides to stay overnight. Ew. He's just so dirty, what the hell is she doing? Leave him alone and go home.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ALIAS Is Back and So's Vaughn

How happy am I that Vaughn's back? So happy, I downed almost half a bottle of cough medicine without realizing it. Yes. My roommate had to point out the fact that I had already taken 5 cups of the s*&t when talking excitedly about the show. Oh, I love JJ Abrams. He's a god. Syd said she wants Vaughn on a beach and her dad handles it. whoa! Does this mean Syd knew he was alive this whole time? Or wait -- did she plan his "death"? I wish this was a soap opera so I won't have to wait a week to see what happens.

Gah, i don't know where to start on this episode and I'm a little delirious so forgive me if I drag on and on. Syd's still on the ship when this season premieres. We quickly find out that she's having problems with the pregnancy (she fainted while being held hostage) and prophecy5 (the kidnappers) saved her baby's life. Wierd! Why would they save the baby? Unless the baby is the chosen one a la two season's ago when Syd had to escape the CIA to cli
mb some mountain to show she wasn't the one Rambaldi had in mind as the chosen one. Hmm... I wonder.

While she's being held captive, she escapes for a brief moment and is able to send a distress call to her APO peeps. Marshall got the call but it was cut short because someone within the CIA had it deleted. The team infiltrates langley ( I feel less safe after watching this by the way) to find out more where we learn Weiss, my fave big guy, is an executive. Good for him. He saves their butts and they find out to have calls deleted, you have to have some sort of clearance that only 7 high executives have. Of course spy dad takes it into his hand to find out who with the help of Marshall. He calls an emergency meeting the next morning with these 7 so Marshall can figure out whose phone was used to call in the deleted and he does. It's the fat guy he shoots several times causing him to be taken into custody by the CIA. wow... he really loves his daughter. How could I have thougtht otherwise in season one? remember when he stood her up for dinner that one time? how things change.

Anyway, they figure out where Syd is, save her, take her to the hospital for a checkup and all's good for now. Then the real drama begins. See, the fat guy Jack shot is being transported to another hospital for some reason but gets killed after a planned accident by ..... Irina Derevko. She's with prophecy 5 and doesn't want him talking about "the horizon". After this, Syd tells her dad she was being poked and prodded for information on some mission called "leo 47 norte" that happened years ago. They take this as a clue and run with it.

Dixon and that french Patricia Arquette look-alike from last season torture some guy involved in the norte mission and he tells them they need to go to Vancouver to get the info. Well, not really torture... they tied him to the hood of their car and drive really fast in a parking garage. Best scene last night. Loved it. This leads to their next mission
with very pregnant Syd involved. what? she's about to pop - literally. why is she going when she's waddling? Dixon's words not mine.

Syd goes home to pack and finds her mom there. Long story short, Spy mom joins them on the trip to Vancouver to get this info for the horizon, but not before she tells whatshername from Angel where they're going and why. While in Vancouver, the Bristow's find out mom's on the bad side, they fight, Syd goes into labor, and while her dad is handling the other baddies, Irina helps to deliver the baby girl. I would saw Aww if I didn't want her dead so much. She takes the bag, calls Marshall to get diapers and help to the Bristow's asap while dad and daughter bask in new baby's glow. My thought is this... what did they use to cut off the umbilical cord in that office building?

OOh, most important scene. while Syd was "having the baby", she told her dad she wants Vaugn on a beach with her and the baby and he said "I'll handle it". THEN, we see some monks doing their monk thing and one goes to talk to another who turns out to be... wait for it... wait for it. VAUGN!!!!! I
almost lost it. I guess this isn't really news since I told you in the first line of the first paragraph. I still almost lost it. AWESOME episode. I absolutely love this show. I didn't see what happens next week so if you know, please share with me and I'll be your BFF.

Apart from Vaugn,
the show creator said all our old faves will be back and hopefully they don't die at the end of the series. By the way, Alias is now available on itunes.

Latest TV News

Gilmore Girls Creator Quits: According to Ausiello, Amy Sherman-Palladino will not return next season. How sad.
Buh Bye Cutie: Ace Young was kicked off American Idol tonight. Poor guy... He looked like he was crying while they showed his progress tape. Hey Ace... call me if you ever visit Chicago.
Brooke says Au Revoir: Our big lipped model was told she has no more chances to be on the top. I'll review the episode tomorrow.
TomKat Have Suri: In case you haven't heard yet, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a baby girl yesterday. In typical LaLa land form, the celebs named their kid “Suri,” which means “princess” in Hebrew or “red rose” in Persian. Congratulations!! I guess this means MI:3 will be huge.

Can't Sleep? Call House

Who knew you could die from not sleeping? True story, I've stayed awake for 2 days straigt before but that was due to a stupid bet in college that made me $400 richer. I'm so glad I didn't know this three years ago or I'd have thought about it a little more. I guess my two days isn't quite the same as her ten days but hey, I can't be like everyone.

House was a little warm to his patients this week... it was a little surprising. He cared so much that this girl
couldn't sleep, he actually asked Cuddy for advice on an ethical issue. Wow! I was as shocked as she was. He also semi scolded his patient for being selfish and taking advantage of her partner who loved her so much, she was willing to give half of her liver. Although her reasons for sharing were a bit selfish too but that's another story I'll come back to.

Well, this episode was like others in the past. Someone comes in with one problem. The team tries to figure
what's wrong but can't figure it out immediately so they treat for one disease when it could very easily be another. House and Cuddy trade witty insults because he's doing something un-ethical (or about to) while his minions work into the night testing the patient for diseases. The only difference this week was that cameron and Epps were biting each other's heads off. Hmm, interesting.

Those two are usually such good friends. What could possibly have happened to cause friction between them? A bad sexual experience a la George of Grey's Anatomy? Nope, although I don't think that's too far off. I'm sure they're going to get hot and steamy soon. Their quarrel had to do with the fact that Foreman wrote an article that was published in some respected journal on a topic he "borrowed" from Cameron and she was none too pleased. Apparently, she made notes on some patients for House and he never signed off for Cameron to do something with it (because she never asked him) but Foreman did and so he got the prize. Whoo was she mad.

She was uuupset the whole episode until Foreman announced that he didn't care what she felt. He didn't owe her an apology because HE wrote the article and HE submitted it for publishing. She just sat around on her ass wondering when House was going to ask her out and THAT is her fault. Even Cuddy said she needs to stand up and get things done for herself. Since no-one seemed to be on her side, Cameron decided to take it out on the lesbian patients.

Yeah, our main patient who couldn't sleep needed a new liver and her partner offered hers. Cameron had a problem with this because she knew the insomniac was planning to leave her once she got better. Sleep deprived chick didn't care and her girlfriend couldn't be talked out of the surgery so Cameron just kept venting to anyone who would listen. She semi-tortured our friendly insomniac by pushing some intensil down her throat (sounds painful) when testing for something.

Anyway, a vent here, a yell there, a witty come back here and there, and we find out she's sick because she has the black plague. Wow, why did I think this was something that happens only in the bible? I have to say it's a gross looking disease. We also found out that the nice partner has known she was close to being dumped for months and offered her liver to guilt the insomniac into staying with her. "She can't leave me now" she said to Cameron's shocked expression. Gosh.. love is a hard thing.

Veronica Takes The Bullet

My first thought after watching this episode was, poor writers. They must have known they couldn't top last week's absolutely fab episode so they didn't bother trying. Instead, they went back to the season 1 style with Veronica and her dad working together. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I just thought this week's was so completely different from last week's.

So this week, we learn Kendall isn't even Kendall. She stole some not-as-cute girl's identity to hide the fact that
she did prison time. And for the Fitzpatrick's no less. how disappointing. and here I thought she was just a gold digger. To be linked to scum like Liam is sad and dis-heartening. She's dead to me now. And we finally figure out why she was in the bathroom weeks ago. Apparently Aaron Echolls sent her to steal some of Duncan's hair in order to point the murder his way. I hope he doesn't win the case, i can't stand to see his creepy face. Speaking of, they've started interviewing witnesses and Veronica didn't look very comfortable sitting at a table with lawyers.

Meanwhile, Woody's daughter made it a point to let Veronica know that the green car drove past her while she was on the phone with her dad. Hmm... I see something here but I'm not sure what. Woody was on or close to his phone around the time of the crash and his daughter just gave evidence that some other crew could have caused the crash. What if the person that caused the crash was IN the limo? Has anyone thought about this option yet? I mean they were close enough to see the bus approach the cliff, it is very possible. Who exactly was in the limo anyway?

In Neptune high school, Wallace still wants Jackie especially after she went straight (hair i.e.) and she gets a job w/ Ronnie at the Java hut. Mac loves Beaver so much, she listens in on his cell phone calls. Interesting. I wonder if this piece of info will come in handy as we solve this year's mystery. Weevil has a pet python he loves feeding rats and speaking baby-talk to. Veronica pimps her friend Mac to Butters just to get into the principal's office because he wisened up and changed the locks. What else? Oh, Weevil is so loyal to his friends, he gets incriminating evidence of the Fitzpatrick's lifestyle and uses this blackmail to buy back the PCHers' lives. They don't owe Liam anything anymore but he's still retired so they shouldn't bother him anymore.

I have to say, my heart stopped when I saw Liam point the gun at Ron's dad. Oh, how happy are we that Veronica stole the bullets when she saw the gun earlier. I love Enrico on this show, I don't want him to ever leave or get killed off. You hear that writers? Keep him forever or until the show ends. He's her rock and their banter is priceless. I mean, who else can she saw stuff like "There is no way you're working that hard. You heard me coming and turned off South Beach didn't you" to? The line stuck because it made me think... isn't that show cancelled? when did they shoot this episode anyway? I thought it was after SB was cancelled. Funniest line this week belongs to Mac: "Please respect the business model, Veronica. I do the gadgets, you do the actual espionage." I actually laughed hard without meaning to.

Rod Worked The Idols Last Night

I have to say, our top 7 did a suprisingly good job last night (Paris, Ace), some were even great ( the other four) and Katharine was Awesome. Wow! It was Rod Stewart's night to teach this budding idols and I have to say, he is definitely a good teacher. I never realized how many great songs he had.

I really wonder who gets voted off this week because everyone brought something to the table. I always love Katharine McPhee but she actually gave my skin chills last night. The last idol to do that was Kelly Clarkson when she sang the song that made her the reigning and most famous idol.

Then there's my fave baldie, Chris Daughtry (Ooh, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it).
How surprised was I to see him belt out a "soft" song almost correctly? I approve Chris, you definitely deserve to stay. You can go back to the rock-a-licious songs you love so much next week... I won't say anything.

And to round up my top 3, the ever wierdly cute Taylor Hicks. He made me believe that he's sang this song many times before. Go Taylor, you did a great job my man. He even found a way to incorporate his wierd dance into a slow-ish Rod song.
Props for that. You know Taylor, when I laugh while you're dancing, please know I'm laughing with you not at you.

If I was rounding up the top four, Elliot Yamin would take the 4th cup. Was it just me or did he look cuter than ever last night? What's that about? I guess they're fixing his teeth slowly or something so we don't notice it immediately. He chose a good song for his voice, as did the Pickle. I actually liked her last night and ignored her stupidity for the first time. First time I've disagreed with Simon but Kelly, you chose a good song. You should be proud of your performance last night.

Ace Young should also be extremely proud of his performance and definitely not his look. ew! what was the
sleeked hair? Yes, I'm one of the girls who drool for him at home - I admit it. How can we not? Have you seen him? I just want to tear off his shirt and do things to him. OOh. Um, where am I? I blacked out for a sec there. Oh yes, he sang well last night.

My bottom of the barrel is Paris. I think that name is a curse because everyone named Paris is just soooo annoying. Think about it. We have Hilton. Geller (on Gilmore Girls) and then this chick that thinks she's too damn cute for herself. Yeah babe, you're lying to yourself. Actually, you're as annoying as the first girl to get voted off (you know! the one that thought she was Simon's equal and deserved to be known. The Jade of AI if you will). I hope you go home tonight even though you did a passable job yesterday.

It seems like our idols are boosting sales when they sing certain songs and Music labels are taking notice.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

GG's Lane Got Married

So Lane actually married that doofus last night. Wow, and here I thought she'd drag it out just a bit so she had enough time to change her mind. And with her mom and grandmom there? Nice. Good for her. Like Lorelai said (drunkenly but still), I'm really happy for her. Speaking of, how sad and funny was the scene with Lorelai saying she's not getting married on June 1st? I wanted to hug her.

Lane's had to have two weddings. A fake one for her grandma because her mom has been lying all these years. Apparently, her grandma thinks they're buddhists and not seventh day adventists or whatever they are.
Which makes me think, Lane's mom is a tad hypocritical. Why did she lose her mind when Lane came out as a normal American teen? what? She's been lying to her mom for so much longer. And Lane actually confessed it to her. Her mom should respect her for being so truthful since she can't be herself. Whatev!

Anyway, yes. Lane had a buddhist wedding and as soon as her grandmother left (after cursing out her mom in Korean), everyone rushed over to the church for the real wedding. Loved that scene. Then they partied late into the night after Lane's mom to wear earmuffs so she doesn't hear the wildness of the afterparty. Smartest thing she ever did. My only question is - where the hell is Lane's dad? I was hoping we'd see him give her away but nothing. Did they explain his non-appearance in an earlier season and I missed it? Is he dead? or did he leave the Kims? If you know, please tell me.

Meanwhile, Rory is still pissed at Logan for cheating so they aren't talking. See, he left for Mexico with his boys and their girlfriends decided to visit them but Rory said, "Hell nah. I'm going to see my friend get married. He can do whatever the hell he wants sans me." She didn't say it quite that way but you get my drift. She held onto her anger until the end of the episode when she leaves her mom's drunk side to rush to his side at l'hopital. He hurt himself while in Mexico and was being air-lifted to a hospital in NY. Hmm... seems like a far way to go if u're really hurt. Shouldn't he be lifted to a hospital in CA?

Lorelai is also mad at her man. He's still with April on the trip and she found out Rory met April before she did (thanks to Rory's picture-taking skills). She was also mad that she had to find a date to Lane's wedding and her first choice dumped her for front-row seats to Celine Dion's concert. Of course stand-by, sidekick addict Christopher (Rory's dad) went with her instead. I wonder how Luke takes this news. I guess that's the drama that happens in the finale.

Hmm, what else happened? I feel like I'm missing something. Um, Lane got married. Rory has semi-forgiven her man. Lorelai went home with Christopher. Yeah.. that's it. Seemed like more while I was watching.

Crazy Day in Prison

I really love this show. Where do I start? So Scofield continues to badger Haywire to remember the rest of the tattoo since he has a photographic memory. (Haywire was the crazy guy Scofield had to live with for a couple of days earlier this season while Sucre was in solitary confinement for pissing off the guard). Well, because Haywire has been taking drugs for his mental issues, he can't remember anything past a minute ago. He has no clue who Scofield is and acts like everything he says is Japanese or something. Of course our hero doesn't give up easily so he turned Haywire into a bulemic by sticking his fingers down his throat and watching him throw up some milk and the purple pills. ew!

As this is TV land, it takes Haywire only three vomit sessions to start recalling important details when we fans know it should take at least four. In addition to remembering the tattoo, he remembers who sent him to the crazy bin in the first place. He remembers not being happy with Scofield and offers him the tattoo drawings only if he lets him in on the escape plans. Scofield agrees to the plan and "tells" him everything. Except the truth that is. Haywire smells freedom and tries to follow the plan but gets caught because Scofield has spent too many months in prison and has no problem lying his ass off and screwing people in his way. What am I talking about? If my brother or sister was going through Lincoln's issues, I'd do the same thing. I think!

Anywhoo - now Scofield has the drawings he needs, he has to focus on getting out of the crazy bin. Wait, is it called the crazy bin for real or am I making that up? I can't remember what he said last week... the crazy shack? wacky bin? psycho ward? whatev, doesn't matter.... i'll just go w/ crazy bin. So, to get out, he tries to convince Dr. McHigh that he's doing much better and wants out. She tells him she can't do anything about it cause it's up to the guy whose fake taj mahal he's building. You see, she believes that if she lets him out, he'll be sent right back to solitary which drove him crazy in the first place. Soooo, he has to tell the warden who burnt him and why in order to get back to his old cell. And boy does he talk. He tells a tale of how whatshisface has been scamming $$ from the inmates for random things and manhandling them if they couldn't pay up. Of course, this makes dude rush to the accused guy's locker where lo and behold, he finds a roll of mucho dollars, random trinkets and a burnt uniform. Oops, he's fired. Buh Bye fat boy.

How did the burnt uniform end up in his locker you ask? Well, while crazy boy was puking his brains out in the bin, the rest of the gang were working hard to keep their hopes and dreams alive. First, with both Sucre and Scofield in solitary, their cell was open for bidders. Apparently, they had the "hot suite" coveted by all inmates and the fired guard knew this was a money maker. He sold the room to some random inmate who offered $250 for the room if they fix the toilet (remember, this is the gateway to their freedom so the gang can't have the guards and other staff fixing the gaping hole).

Of course T-Bag is standing right outside when this deal goes down and rushes to warn the rest. Mr. I'm-still-in-Iraq offered $500 to top the other guy and the guard accepted the offer. Now the only problem was finding the money cause none of them had that much on hand. Where's a damn ATM when you need one? Their decided upon solution is to have T-Bag play in the high stakes poker game with some scary looking guy we've never seen before. Apparently, T-bag is an excellent card player. So they play, he wins and they pay the guard. But right after he gets paid, he says the price just went up to $700. Sleazeball. Ugh, I can't stand him. I'm so glad they fired his ass.

Well, this means the boys lost the cell which means their escape plan will be discovered and they will all be in even bigger trouble. which leads me to these questions: They're already in prison so what's worse than that? If they get caught before trying to escape, what happens exactly? they need to calm down cause I doubt the trouble is as big as they think. However, before you know it, Scofield gets sleazeball fired and returns to his cell making all the drama that happened this week unnecessary. I guess he now shares the cell with the wierd old inmate that everyone thinks has millions on the outside, sweet for him. One less headache. The only other headache is the fact that the group escaping just added a not-so-thin member.

Sucre's fat cousin that provided the guards uniform a few weeks ago found out what was going on and is now officially one of the gang. He's also the one that put the burnt uniform in fired guy's stall. good for him, i guess he deserves to be on the team. I just hope he can run fast or else he'll be the one that dies at the end of the season.

While all this is going on, Lincoln's son (whose dumb ass was arrested last week) asks to see his dad and his request was granted. Not so wierd. Also, I got confirmation that what I've suspected all along is true. Nick, the guy helping Veronica, is definitely up to something shady. He went to a cell-phone store (didn't catch the brand so i guess no advertising in this episode) to get a charger for the phone they found on the dead guy in the well. While he's there, some guy comes up to him and says he needs to hold up his end of the bargain and watch Miss Veronica 24/7. WIERD!
Hmm, I wonder what that's about? I KNEW there was something up with him. No one quits their job to get chased around the country by government agents for nothing... no matter how cute you think the girl you're running with is. Then the episode ends with Lincoln being transported in a van with just ONE guard to see his son. VERY WIERD. why take him away and not bring the son to him? I guess we'll find out next week.

OOh, speaking of, next week looks GOoood. Scofield and Dr. McHigh make out and it looks steamy. The van Lincoln was in get's into a suspicious accident and he runs only to be hunted by agent Kravecki. But just as he's about to shoot him, someone stops him. Well, it IS Prison Break... there's gotta be a cliffhanger. We'll find out soon enough. Oh, and Abruzzi is back. Love it. I can't wait to see what conniving way he tries to kill T-Bag.

I have a feeling next week's episode will give me continuous flashbacks to Harrison Ford's 90s thriller but I don't care. The producers keep making my imagination go nuts with semi-nude shots of Wenty and THAT trumps plagiarism any day. *drool* That picture is Hotness defined.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Veronica Mars' Hormonal Video

I just came across this video of our Neptune residents making out with each other to one of my favourite songs. Thought I'd share with everyone. I love how Melissa repeated the scene with Logan and Veronica several times - that was my fave scene last week. Great job Melissa.

Don't forget, Veronica Mars MOVED to Tuesdays at 9PM/ 8PM CT. Please please watch it TOMORROW NIGHT. I love Rebecca Romjin but it's embarassing that her new fluffy show actually BEAT VM last week. I mean - come on!!! Remember, The WB re-airs Pepper Dennis on Sundays after Reba or Charmed depending on your local listings. Watch VM tonight and Pepper on Sunday. Please??? With Cherries dipped in chocolate on top? Thanks much.