Random Thoughts On TV

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'm Back

Yeah - you read correctly. Yes, i know it took a 7month hiatus but i have my reasons. Good reasons too - none of which i'll share with the internet crowd. u'll just have to take my word for being back, forget the past and move forward.

Over the past few months, we've been introduced to several new shows that i've come to LOVE. Ugly Betty for one is my new absolute favourite show. It's the best. If u're not watching, you really should start now. Another is 30 Rock - it's so hilarious! So hilarious!!! NBC did a great job with this one. Then, there's Friday Night Lights - which i admit, i didn't start watching until recently. Thanks again to NBC for bringing this show to our TVs and posting the entire season to date online. Check out the episodes and tell me if you love the show or not.

Hmm, what else is new. Oh yes - yet another NBC show (Good for them huh. It's about time they joined the game again). Studio 60 with Chandler Bing of Friends' fame. Ok, so not everyone loves this show because it's 50% smart 50% funny and 99.9% sarcastic. But it really is funny and come on - Chandler is in it. With pretty much the same dry humour he's always been known for. You've gotta watch it.

Well, if you don't, i'll be here to tell you what happened in each episode until you decide to turn it on yourself. THEN, i'll keep blogging on the shows anyway. Only difference is you'll hopefully have something to comment on when you read the blog.

Happy New Year all.